3 Reasons to be a SoloYolo Traveler with FnEZ


We all have that time in our lives when we tell ourselves ‘That’s it, I’m going to go travel and see the world!’   If you haven’t gotten there yet, YOU WILL!  Whether it’s graduating high school or university, or maybe you’ve lost a job or will soon be starting a new one – there’s a feeling of urgency that falls on almost all of us that says,  “It’s time to get out and see the world. Yolo!”   But for some of us there’s another, slightly daunting question that arises in our minds.  A question that comes to us as we fall short of fun and adventurous friends who aren’t interested in travel…. “Can I really do this on my own? Solo?


Whether the feeling of anxiety arises from having to make long flights on our own (What? You can’t watch movies and have a few beers on a plane?), or it’s from arriving into a city that is completely unknown, the idea of traveling solo definitely carries some sort of uneasiness and nervousness: but that’s what makes the experience so awesome.

The unnerving feeling is super short lived, and once you step foot off that plane and into a new destination it turns into excitement, wonder, and bewilderment!  Not only are you a much more confident person for choosing something to do for yourself and by yourself, you also absorb a feeling of independence and a sense of accomplishment.  These are the feelings that arise in anything we do when we step outside our comfort zones, but for some reason with traveling, that feeling is stronger as our senses hit overload with our new surroundings and we are on our own!

With Free & Easy Traveler, traveling Solo is the BEST! You are still independent, free to explore, and you’re truly traveling. We like to ensure you’re a traveler, not a tourist. Read on to find out the top 3 reasons you should travel SoloYolo with FnEZ:

1. Step Outside your Comfort Zone


Imagine yourself living the same day in and out, going to the same job, hanging out with the same friends at the same bars, completely the same routine over and over. It doesn’t sound exciting does it?  But that’s what we do!  We don’t really have a choice to avoid these things, but we do have a choice to get out of this routine from time to time, step outside our comfort zones and mix it up!  It’s what makes us feel alive, it’s what makes us feel love, it’s what makes us FEEL.

Traveling solo to start a trip really forces you to reach out and try new things and have completely different experiences than what we are used to.  Whether it forces you to reach out and open up to another backpacker, try surfing for the first time, or purchase an edible grasshopper from a local street vendor, these small but memorable releases from comfort create whole new experiences that will make us laugh, cry… or both at the same time.  When traveling with friends, there is always that sense of comfort and familiarity.  A true travel experience is when you release yourself from these ‘comfort zones’ and really allow yourself to be you and to actually BE in these new surroundings!

Treat yourself when you sign up for your dream trip with Free & Easy! Come on your own! Most of our travelers do.

2. Meet your new TFFs (Travel Friends Forever!)

This isn’t to say that traveling with your friends isn’t fun – It totally is!  But if you find you are the more adventurous type out of your group of friends, the one that’s always trying to drag friends along on a trip and then have travel plans fall apart because no one can commit – you’re better off to just leave them at home. This is when you know it’s time to travel solo!  Having boring friends doesn’t mean you have to be boring!   If you have to try extra hard to even get them to think about coming traveling with you –  chances are they probably aren’t going to make the best travel mates anyway.


Traveling solo gives you the ability to meet like minded travelers just like you. Imagine 5-10 individual travelers, who are all struggling to bring friends on their trip.   Then at one moment – “BAM” – all at once they all decide to travel solo!  Then imagine these people all meeting each other and being on the same trip together… “Did we just become best friends?!”  That’s a Free & Easy Trip!

When like minded travelers get together, there’s almost an instant connection that occurs.  These connections, within only a few days turn into lifelong friendships.  There’s a lot of truth to the saying ‘3 days traveling together is worth 3 months at home’.  You’ll find that friends you make traveling will always hold a special spot in your heart.  The hardest part of your trip, that you thought would be making friends, will actually be saying goodbye to so many amazing friends you’ve made during your trip – but don’t worry!  Soon you’ll be planning more travels with your new found travel mates.

3. It’s your trip, so make it about you


The best thing you can do is make this trip about you!  Traveling solo means no compromising.  It means you get up each day and decide what it is that YOU WANT TO DO!  If you are keen to head out and do some rock-climbing or want to try scuba-diving, take a fire spinning class, master the art of muay thai – perfect!  Then that’s exactly what you should do!  No need to ask for a second opinion, or ask someone else what they want to do, your time spent traveling is all yours and should be spent doing only the things that interest you –  it’s complete, uninterrupted FREEDOM!

What’s even more awesome is that when you decide what you want to do, chances are you’ll have a few other members of the group who are wanting to do the same thing… because you are all like minded travelers! At Free & Easy, we’re here to make sure you get to experience it all, no matter what your interests are.


For anyone out there wondering about traveling solo on one of our Epic Adventures, I hope you don’t give it a second thought: challenge yourself to do it.  You won’t regret it!  You’ll have amazing, life-changing experiences that you’ll have forever and you’ll share these experiences with incredible people that you were able to meet along your journey.  You’ll come home with so many amazing and funny travel stories. Your friends back home won’t believe how awesome your pictures are, they’ll be so jealous that the next time you talk about doing a trip they’ll be first in line to join you.

The only issue then will be: which trip next?

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