3 Reasons You Should book A Combo Trip!

Combine Countries and Trips For One Ultimate Adventure

With so many trip options out there, it’s really hard to decide where your next backpacking adventure will take you. With over 20 possible trips, 14 countries and 3 continents to travel in  ‘true Free & Easy fashion’ it’s near impossible to choose one single destination. If you are lucky enough to have some time on your hands, you won’t have to narrow down your decision on just one trip or country, you can combine many trips and countries together with Free & Easy Combo trips!
meagan ruffini thailand
Photo by FnEZ trip member Meagan Ruffini in Thailand.

How Combination Trips Work:

When you head to the ‘BOOK NOW’ page and select your preferred trip to travel, you’ll be given an slew of options of combination possibilities. You can play around adding and removing trips until you have the most EPIC Combo trip that fulfills all your travel desires. Book the trip with your $200 CAD lifetime deposit and BOOM you are headed to all those amazing destinations!
When you combine trips together we include all the transport and accommodation between the tours and countries. So, if you are wanting to combine 20-days in Thailand with 20-days in Indonesia with 20-days in Vietnam (STELLAR TRIP!) then Free & Easy looks after all the connecting flights between those countries, from Thailand to Indonesia and Indonesia to Vietnam. Our trained and knowledgeable Trip Leaders will also be there to ensure you grab your flight out, and your new country trip leaders will be there to pick you up to kick off your new trip!
heather stoley - indonesia
Photo by FnEZ trip member Heather Stoley in Indonesia.

3 Reasons to Combine trips and Travel Longer

1. Flights are Expensive: You’ll find that the flight part of your journey is one of the more expensive aspects of backpacking. You’ll get more out of that flight by staying in that continent longer, so rather then paying $2000+ for a flight to be in Asia for 20-days, you can stay in Asia for 40, 60 or more days! for the same price!

2. We Include Connections: Forget thinking that things will be complicated with booking and organizing flights as you jump country to country, we look after that! This way you are able to fully concentrate on your travels at hand, and as one trip ends we have a flight booked for you to start your next trip
3. Take Advantage of the Possibilities: There aren’t many travel companies out there that offer such amazing trips to so many amazing destinations. To be able to combine trips and countries together is really a great opportunity to grow the number of stamps in your passport and really see what the world has to offer.
alberte poulsen - vietnam
Photo by FnEZ trip member Alberte Poulsen in Vietnam.
Whether this is your next adventure with us or your first Free & Easy Trip be sure to consider all trip possibilities! Whether you are looking to travel for 20-days or 120-days, we have multiple trip combinations and countries that will help make the most out of your travel experience.

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