4 Ways to Get High With Free & Easy

So you’re looking for a good time. Maybe even a life-altering experience that makes you see the world differently. We know the feeling, that’s why we want you to get high with us: literally.

We offer trips to epic destinations all over the world, and many of these destinations take you to new heights. After reading this, you’ll want to get high with us.

1) Mount Rinjani, Indonesia – Elevation: 3,726 m

Have you ever wanted to camp on top of an active volcano? If the answer is no, it’s definitely time to reconsider. Indonesia’s Mount Rinjani is the second highest trek we do on our trips. Measuring in at a whopping 12,220 ft, this hike will definitely take its toll on your body, but the view is so rad it makes the struggle well worth it. Join FnEZ on this trip and see the stars like you’ve never seen them before and wake up to the most epic sunrise.


2) Cerro Negro, Nicaragua – Elevation: 728 m

Small but mighty, Cerro Negro is also an active volcano in the town of Leon, Nicaragua. Don’t let its small size fool you though, it’s just as badass as any other. Years of eruptions left one side of the volcano covered in black ash, making it perfect for sand boarding and tobogganing. This is the only place in the world where this is possible so make sure to add it to your bucket list! Check out the rest of this epic trip here


3) Rainbow Mountain, Peru – Elevation: 5,035 m

Recently made well-known for its beautiful array of natural colours, Rainbow Mountain in Peru is one hell of a challenging hike. It’s elevation rivals that of the Everest Basecamp, but offers a view like no other. Your lungs might ache, but it will be in the best way possible. Join us in Peru on the 1-day Vinicunca hike and be rewarded with this view!


4) La Sagrada Familia, Spain – 75 m 

Take a walk up the Sagrada Familia! The original architect, Antoni Gaudí, has an amazing history in Barcelona and you can see his work throughout the city, La Sagrada Familia being his final and most esteemed project. The Basilica has been under construction for over a century with 2026 as its estimated completion date. When La Sagrada Familia is completed, it will have 18 towers (8 are currently completed) and it will be tallest religious building in all of Europe at 172 metres high. Currently, we can go up the Passion Facade measuring in at 75 metres, around 400 steps! Gaudí believed that nothing man-made should ever be higher than God’s work. It is no coincidence that it will be one meter less than Montjuïc, the mountain in Barcelona, which is the city’s highest point. Come check it out for yourselves on our Spain Trip!


Come check out one (or all) of these epic views with us!

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