5 Foods to Get Fat On

One of the best things about traveling is trying all the local food! So here you have it, our Top 5 Foods to Get Fat On around the world!

1. Pho and Fresh Rolls – Vietnam

Indulge in a classic Vietnamese meal – pho and fresh rolls (with peanut sauce of course!). Everybody knows these things are delicious, but like most food, it’s even better when you eat it as authentically as possible! Pho is a soup made from beef stock, mixed with noodles, beef or chicken, and spices! Make sure to give this dish a try when you’re in ‘Nam! Check out our 20-day Cultural Paradisetrip for more epic experiences you can have here!


2. Ceviche – Peru

Ceviche, native to Latin America and absolutely mouthwatering! If you haven’t heard of this delicacy before, it’s raw fish marinated in lemon or lime juice mixed with fresh veggies and herbs! There are many different ways to make this appetizer so be sure to try it more than once throughout your South American travels! You can find this dish on our 20-day Peru20-day Colombia10-day Costa Rica10-day Costa Rica & Panama, and Nicaragua trips!


3. Tapas – Spain

Tapas are small plates of deliciousness from Spain. This is just an appetizer but you can definitely make a feast out of it! Although originally from Spain, you can find tapas in neighbouring countries like Portugal. Check out our 10-day Spain10-day Portugal, or our 20-day Spain & Portugal trip to try out this delicacy!


4. Khao Soi – Thailand (Chiang Mai)

Everybody who has tried authentic Khao Soi raves about it, and for good reason! This is a yellow curry soup with noodles and fall-off-the-bone chicken, topped with crispy noodles! But you can’t find this just anywhere, head up north to Chiang Mai to give your taste buds a real treat! We visit Chiang Mai on our 25-day LTC40-day LTC20-day Thailand, and 10-day Thailand trips!


5. Tacos – Costa Rica

This is a classic food all over the world. We ALL love tacos. But fresh tacos on the beach in a tropical paradise can’t be beat. Central and South America do tacos best! Check out our 20-day Peru10-day Costa Rica, or 10-day Costa Rica & Panama trip to feast on the best tacos of your life!


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