5 Reasons to Travel in 2019

Make 2019 your year of travel! We bet you’ve been daydreaming about jetting off on a grand adventure for a while now. Maybe you don’t think you have the money, or maybe you think it’s never the right time. Read on to learn why there’s no better time than NOW to book your trip of a lifetime!

1. No time like the (almost) present!

It’s always a great time to travel, so why not book a trip right now? We know not everyone can just jump on a trip whenever they feel like it, but you can for sure book one RIGHT NOW and start saving up! Put it on your vision board, make it a priority, and get out there and live your best life!


2. Be the jet setter friend you always envy

It’s a big, beautiful world and more people than ever are traveling. You could be the first one of your friends to see Macchu Picchu! You could be the only person you know who has been to Santorini! Why not be that friend who is always jetting off to see new places? That’s what we do, join us!


3. You’ll have the trip paid off before you leave!

It’s the perfect time to book a 2019 trip with Free & Easy Traveler! There is an epic Early Bird sale going on PLUS you’ll be just in time to start one of our zero-interest payment plans where we help you pay off your trip before you leave. Learn more about them HERE.


4. Crush your New Year’s Resolutions for once (in 2019)!

We’ve all been there, every year we think about everything we want to accomplish in the upcoming calendar year. And every year, without fail, we never accomplish all the things on our list. This year can be different! If ‘travel more’ is on your list for 2019, start now by booking your trip.


5. So many places to choose from!

Whether you dream of swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines, hanging out with elephants in Thailand, or trekking Rainbow Mountain in Peru, we have something for everyone! If you want to relax on a beach, we’ve got that. If you want to explore temples and learn about other cultures firsthand, we’ve got that. And if you want to channel your inner adrenaline junkie and cross all the things off your bucket list, we’ve go that too.


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