5 Ways to Survive that Long-haul Flight

Isn’t it always the case? You’re outta-your-tree stoked to head out on your adventure when it hits you; there’s a 22-hour flight looming on the horizon before any fun can be had. BUT WAIT! I’m here to help. The idea of sitting on your tush (for what seems like days), using an airplane toilet and drinking stale coffee may be daunting for most, but as a comfort- and convenience-obsessed traveler I’ve got some bits and bobs that make my time flying through the sky just another wicked part of the journey. 



This may be a little confusing and seemingly obvious to you, but water can make or break how you feel before, during and after your flight. Bring a reusable waterbottle and top it up right before you board (most airlines are willing to fill it for you once you’re on the plane as well) and keep that magic nectar flowin’ the whole time. Sure, you may have to brave the scary bathroom more than you’d like, but it’ll encourage you to get up, stretch those gams and keep the blood moving. You’ll be more alert, clear, and calm, and will likely feel 10000x better once you land. WATER IS LIFE, YO!


beach clock-Toni Sweetland-Thailand

Begin the jet lag recovery as soon as your butt hits that plane seat. Change the clock on your watch/phone/tablet and sleep according to THAT time. Drink coffee and take melatonin if you must, but you’ll thank me later. I’m sure of it.



Often when we’re on these long-ass travel days, we turn our brain to mush by watching 47 movies on a crappy little TV screen 2 feet from our face. This is a recipe for eye fatigue, mind-fog and “…it’s only been HOW long?!?”. Bring a stimulating book, some Sudoku, a journal, your favourite tunes or a deck of cards. If you’re traveling with someone, games pass the time like crazy! Changing up your source of entertainment will keep your mind fresh and your flight fun.


Kyle Wright - Vietnam - Hoi An 2

…cause really, who doesn’t love snacks. I don’t know about you, but when I’m on a 16-hour flight and my stomach is grumblin’, the last thing I want is their gross idea of a vegan meal (my meat-free amigos know where I’m coming from) or a dry little package of questionable rice crackers. I always pack Clif bars, dried fruit, dry cereal in a lightweight Tupperware container (trust me, you’ll be happy you have a reusable container at some point during your journey!) and other easy snacks that you know you’re able to bring through security. Avoid super salty nibbles that you find in the shops near your gate – you’ll be reeeeal dehydrated and definitely not satisfied! Healthy bites will be your best friend, so make good choices! I know, I sound like a mom. I’m over it.


If you struggle to sleep on planes/busses/trains, you’ll likely find the addition of a travel pillow into your carry-on flippin’ life changing. Keeping your bag light can be a struggle and maybe the idea of adding a whole pillow to it is unappealing, but any travel store should stock inflatable ones that flatten down into a little pouch! Seriously – imagine being stuck in the middle seat between two apparent narcoleptics surrounding you with dreamy snoozes and all you can do is sit there and stew in jealousy? Do yourself a favour; grab either a full-size or inflatable neck pillow and bask in the magnificence that is glorious, glorious sleep.

Well, that’s about all my brain banter for today. If you’ve got any more ideas to throw our way we’d love to hear em’! Try your hand at this new-found knowledge and head to our website to book your adventure with us!

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