5 Ways Traveling Makes You Way Sexier

Guest blog by Katelyn Beer.

“Never date a girl who travels.” Many of us, especially us travelers, are familiar with this statement. Well friends, traveler or not, here are five reasons you SHOULD date a girl (or guy) who travels and why exactly travel makes them so damn SEXY!



Travel generates a sense of self-confidence like no other. Not only do you need to trust your instincts and make big decisions, but you also need to learn to trust your surroundings in a foreign country. Every day you will find yourself in a different situation that may be unfamiliar to you. But that’s exactly what will produce that glowing confidence you perceive in most travelers. They’re out there, living their dreams, and randomly taking off to faraway places you’ve never even imagined with people they’ve just met. Travel opens your eyes and allows you to see things on an entirely different level. Whether you’re rocking a trip solo or your bestie has tagged along, travel really forces you to learn to trust your gut, be self-reliant and be sure of yourself. That confidence emanates from your entire being, and if you ask me that is sexy as f*!k.



With two degrees under my belt, I still believe travel has taught me the most about the world and about myself as an individual. It allows you to grow through life experiences and not just learn about the world through a traditional education. It pushes you outside your comfort zone and forces you to revaluate your reality. The more you see in the world the more you learn about yourself and what is important to you. This is one of the most attractive qualities in another human: a thirst for knowledge taught outside of the classroom and a hunger for learning through experience.



Travel teaches you how to be happy with what you have and to appreciate where you’ve come from. It makes you feel limitless and gives you a sense of freedom that nothing else can. You feel more relaxed even when you’re two seconds away from missing your next flight, or don’t have a place to sleep for the night. It gives you the opportunity to see the world in a different light and it projects right back off of you in your ability to not stress about the little things. Stress, as we all know, causes premature aging and, unless you know you have George Clooney genes, you probably want to keep your youthful glow as long as possible. If travel can keep you youthful then why the heck wouldn’t you want to just jump on that plane?! Stay sexy, go travel!



You have the yearning to do what you want, when you want to…and guess what? You do it! Travel creates this taste for adventure that makes you crave more and more. You may have a fear of heights, but you go bungee jumping. You may have a fear of sharks, but you go swimming with them. Whatever it might be, your ability to overcome your fears becomes undeniable and your love for adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences takes control. There is something incredibly sexy about someone who faces their fears and takes risks.



No one likes a dull, uppity person who takes themselves uber seriously. That’s why being easy-going is the fifth and final reason traveling makes you sexier. You learn to have a go-with-the-flow mentality because well, you HAVE TO when you’re on the road. Things almost never turn out as planned; train connections are missed, bags are left in the wrong country, your shampoo bottle explodes all over your new dress…but that’s okay! You learn to go with it, move forward and walk the road less traveled—literally. The traveler knows that, in the end, everything will work itself out. And when you have a mind set like that, it’s impossible for you to live anything but a charmed life.


So, if you didn’t know, now you do. Dating a traveler is one of the most rewarding experiences out there, so go ask that cutie at the hostel bar out on a date. And to all the travelers out there: be you, follow your heart, and live each and every moment of your life being the sexiest version of you that you can be.

– Katelyn Beer

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