6 Beautiful Beaches You Need to Experience With Us!

Admit it, you’ve daydreamed about spending your days on a white sand beach, sipping on a cold drink, listening to the waves, and workin’ on yo tan. Make that daydream a reality! We visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, paradise awaits!

Costeno Beach – Colombia

This beach is your daydream come to life! A true beach for backpackers, with the most quaint beach huts! Costeno beach is off the beaten path and fits the FnEZ vibe perfectly! Spend your days chillin’ in a hammock, and your nights drinking by a bonfire or in one of the unique bars nearby. Costeno beach will steal your heart. Check out our Colombia trip here.


Kuta Beach – Indonesia

Surf, party, fish, SCUBA dive, snorkel, sunbathe, swim, it doesn’t matter…you’ll have a blast no matter what you choose to do. Kuta beach is infamous for creating epic memories for backpackers all over the world. So come check out the beach that stretches further than the eye can see on either our 10-day or 20-day Indonesia trips!


Playa Escameca Beach – Nicaragua

This beach is home to Free & Easy Traveler’s very own villa, Casa Horizon, and is the perfect location for a getaway. Wake up in the morning with a yoga practice, head down to the beach to catch a wave or a fish, watch baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean, and finish the day off with a bonfire! The resident doggo, Finn, is also there to make sure you have the best time possible! We visit Playa Escameca on all of our Nicaragua trips, check ’em out here. And if you’d prefer to just cillax for a while at Casa Horizon, you can book your stay here.


Philippines – Kalanggaman Island

Explore the beauty of a beachy island in the Philippines. On our “Step Off the Beaten Path” 20-day trip we take a boat to Kalanggaman Island for an epic day of sunbathing, beersbee, and exploring. The sandbar stretches as far as the eye can see and the water is the bluest blue. So find yourself in paradise with us! Check out the trip here.


Sagres Beach – Portugal

Overlooking some of the Algarve region’s most dramatic scenery is the tiny village of Sagres. With soaring, sea-carved cliffs and ancient fortresses sitting high above the pounding waves, this is where you come to witness nature at its rawest and most fiercely beautiful; you’ll feel like you’ve just arrived at the end of the world. Sagres is home to some beautiful beaches with killer waves! Including the appropriately named Sagres Beach! Sun yourself on the warm sand or grab a board and start paddling. With tons of surfers inexorably drawn to the town, you’ll find a laid-back nightlife and unobtrusively cool vibe, making it the perfect place to live free with your new Free & Easy Traveler friends. Check out our 10-day Portugal trip here.


Railay Beach – Thailand

Although there are TONS of epic beaches in Thailand, each with beautiful scenery, warm blue waters, and a unique flare, one of our favourites is Railay Beach! Railay is surrounded by huge limestone cliffs, and because of this, rock climbing here is a go-to activity for many! The sunsets on this beach are stunning, and people are always jamming to reggae music. We love Railay beach so much we visit it on all of our Southern Thailand trips! Check the trips out here.

Railay Beach

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