6 Ways to Travel in Tip-Top Shape

It can be so hard staying healthy on the road when we fall out of the routines we had back on home soil. From beers galore to indulgent food to lazy days to all-nighters and beyond – the temptation is all around us. For a short-term getaway, you’ll survive with minimal damage, but to have longevity in a journey you’ve gotta take care of yourself. Here’s what keeps me going when I’m out exploring for months at a time!



Water seems obvious, right? Well, that’s a hard no. You’d be surprised by how many people traveling (especially through hot countries) are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Your body needs so much more water than you’d think when you’re pumping it full of Sangsom, sweating like a madman errrrrry-day and movin’ and groovin’ at the dance party all night. I don’t leave home without my reusable water bottle and I refill it every chance I get! Your body can’t function properly unless it’s full of that good stuff, and I pinky swear you’ll feel worlds different if you keep the H2O flowin’.



You want to dance. You want to party. You want to meet every possible rad person you can. You want to jam in max amounts exploration time. I get it, I’ve been there. BUT, what sounds more enticing…cramming your days and nights full of half-tired and sloth-like adventures, or still doing most of that cool shit anyways but with a happy, vibrant, well-rested noggin? You may feel invincible when you’re runnin’ on adrenaline, but it’ll catch up to you in no time and you’ll end up losing a few days being a sick slug in bed. Nap when you need to, and maybe skip the 5th night in a row at Bucket Bar to give in to the Sandman. 



When you’re constantly stuffing your face full of solely noodles, rice, oil, meat, dairy and salt, your body will probably tell you to cut that shiz out – pronto. Make a promise to yourself to have some fruit at breakfast, order vegetarian meals here and there to kick your veg levels into high gear, and eat raw, fresh, local fruits and vegetables whenever you can to ward off those travel bugs. Do what yo mama taught ya and you’ll feel like a veggie-filled superstar!



Am I telling you to find a gym in every city you land in? Hell no. There’s so many other ways to wiggle your tush into shape. Gettin’ up and shaking your tailfeather is normally a pretty common thing when we’re traveling with a group of pals, and all those dance moves may poop you out, but guess what – you’re working off some of your vodka buckets! Then, during the day, fill up your waterbottle and skip the taxi to explore the city by foot and rack up your step count. Hitting the squat rack or going for daily runs may not be entirely realistic when you’re on the road, but climbing steep stairways at temples, carrying your heavy backpack, scuba diving and frolicking around the beach with a Frisbee are all wicked ways to keep the blood flowing and get you out of a lazy funk.


Kyle Wright - Thailand LTC - Cooking class

Exotic, local foods are often made with so many beautiful spices and native fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of these fresh and abundant dishes that contain things like turmeric (anti-inflammatory), ginger (anti-nausea), cumin (cold-fighter), garlic (antibacterial) and the rest of Earth’s magical medicines that your tastebuds and body desire. Skip the mediocre pasta dish from that roadside restaurant and instead try your hand and the meals filled to the brim with nature’s remedies!



Listen, I have FOMO as bad as the next guy, but in all these years of traipsing around the planet I’ve found that slowing down and listening to my body has worked wonders in keeping my mind and body in a good place. If your body is desperately asking for a 10 hour snooze-fest but your brain is screaming for an all-nighter on the beach with endless beers, throw your hands up in surrender and crawl into bed with a book and the knowledge that tomorrow you’ll feel like a freaking ray of sunshine. 

If you’ve got your own secret method for staying wicked and wild while traveling, drop us a line and teach us your ways! You can find us on the beach….and also at here. Peace out, pals!

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