7 Epic FnEZ Jungle Adventures

Do you long to explore the jungle? Whether trekking, rappelling, rafting, or chasing waterfalls, the jungles on this planet are nothing short of epic. Below are 7 incredible Free & Easy jungle adventures you will definitely be adding to your ever growing bucket list!

 1. Chiang Mai Jungle Trek – Thailand

We take you three days deep into the Northern Thailand jungle, sleeping in local villages along the way. All this to hang out with our favourite elephant friends for a day! Not only will you get to help care for these beautiful creatures on this adventure, we also build bamboo rafts to meander down a river (a much-welcomed break from all the hiking!). Although the bugs may bite and you’ll get a little dirty, this will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life!

Trips with the Jungle Trek: 40-day LTC25-day LTC20-day Thailand10-day Thailand10-day Thailand Songkran


2. Khao Sok National Park – Thailand

Everybody loves National Parks. Big vast areas of beautiful nature that are protected, it really doesn’t get any better! Except it does…imagine all of those aforementioned things, only in paradise, aka Thailand. We stay at the most incredible (and floating!) lakehouses nestled deep in the jungle. Relax, party, swim, explore, do whatever your little heart desires. This is sure to be one of the most unforgettable accommodation situations you’ll ever be lucky enough to experience! To sweeten the deal (as if it weren’t sweet enough already) all food is prepared and delivered right to you every day you’re there! And we’re not talking just any food, but the most delicious meals you can think of

Trips to Khao Sok National Park: 40-day Thailand20-day Thailand20-day Thailand combo10-day Thailand


3. Mount Rinjani – Indonesia

Have you ever hiked to the top of a volcano and camped on it? If you have you’ll never forget the most beautiful sunrise you will ever see! Trek through 5 kilometers of thick jungle, and then trek some more, to get an epic view of what you just conquered! This is no easy task, but it is definitely rewarding!

Trips to Mount Rinjani: 20-day Indonesia


4. Abandon Valley – Vietnam

Have you ever wanted to explore a 415 million-year-old rainforest? Up until 2009 the the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park had been unexplored by humans! The Abandon Valley Day Trek takes you through an array of sights, you’ll be hopping over boulders and stepping through streams as the first generation of explorers getting to know this area! We stop midday for a much deserved BBQ lunch and a dip in crystal clear cave waters!

Trips to the Abandon Valley: 20-day Vietnam


5. Bri Bri Chocolate Jungle – Costa Rica

What’s better than hiking one waterfall? Hiking two! Even better, you can jump off of them and into the safety of the water below! Trek through the Costa Rican rainforest with awesome leaders who love to climb trees and channel their inner survivalist. You may even get to see where everybody’s favourite candy, chocolate, comes from (it’s actually a fruit)!

Trips to the Bri Bri Chocolate Jungle: 10-day Costa Rica & Panama


6. Jungle Disco – Philippines

Picture this…a DJ doing his thing in a tree (a tree!), and crew of your new best friends dancing the night away in a small jungle hut in Siargao. Not only will you be jamming with your friends, but also the tons of locals who frequent this hidden gem! This always turns out to be one of the most fun and memorable (or unmemorable) nights of the trip!

Trips with the Jungle Disco: 40-day Philippines,  20-day Philippines


7. Machu Picchu – Peru

The ancient world of Machu Picchu is high up on most travelers bucket lists, as it should be! Nestled in the mountain tops of lush jungle sits ruins like no other. You can spend the day hiking the very old Inca steps and exploring the incredible architecture while your Free & Easy family takes on the spiritual aspect of the sacred place. This is an amazing, challenging, but incredibly rewarding experience!

Trips to Machu Picchu: 20-day Peru


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