7 Things You Need to Know About Huacachina, Peru

Have you ever wanted to spend time in a real life oasis? Or try out your snowboarding skills on some sand? Huacachina is the perfect place for this!

1. Huacachina is a small oasis town that resides just outside of the city of Ica.

2. At the centre is a small natural lagoon surrounded by palm trees.

allison m - peru

Photo by FnEZ trip member Allison M.

3. Huacachina is rigged for adventure, with the possibility to sand board down the impossibly big sand dunes. You will also find dune buggies all around for an impromptu rollercoaster ride. 

spencer ellis - peru

Photo by FnEZ trip member Spencer Ellis.

4. Bring cash with you before you make it to Huacachina. Otherwise you’ll be outta luck because there is no ATM here.

5. Make sure to bring something to cover your face (sunglasses, small scarf, etc.) to help protect you from inhaling the sand and getting it in your eyeballs (exactly where you don’t want sand to be).

Rachel Kuhl - Peru

6. Be prepared to party. This small town is a hot spot for backpackers, which is typically synonymous with getting into a few too many drinks on any given night.

7. Also make sure to bring some layers. Deserts are known to get cold as soon as the sun sets for the day, so you’ll want to stay warm! 

Huacachina is just one of the many incredible stops we make on our 20-day Wander Through the Incan World Peru trip. Learn more about the trip here.

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