A Definitive List of Rad Parties Around the World

There’s no shortage of festivals and places to party your face off around the world. Warm climates are breeding grounds for a good time and we’re lucky enough to experience some of the best the world has to offer on our trips. Below is a definitive list of rad parties around the world. Knock these off your bucket list before you grow old and you’ll have some pretty epic stories to tell your grandchildren someday.

Final Fiesta – Nicaragua 

Every year we throw the wildest New Years bash. Don’t believe us? Just ask the hundreds of people who fly down each year to ring in the next year the proper way. It’s 10-days of beaches, beer, pool parties, booze cruises, surfing, yoga, exploring, and watching baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean for the first time. It’s called the Final Fiesta for a reason! Check out the trip here.

Nicaragua New Years

Songkran – Thailand

Another epic New Years bash, only this one is on the other side of the world. Head up to Chiang Mai and grab a water gun. Every April 13-15 the Thai people and travelers alike participate in the World’s Greatest Waterfight to ring in the Thai New Year. It’s like being a kid all over again, only better. Learn more about the trip here.


Party in Lisbon – Portugal

The party scene in Lisbon is what every traveler wants! You can grab a drink at a bar…and leave that bar with your open and unfinished drink! It’s the perfect solution for watching the wicked sunsets with a cold one. There’s also plenty of bars that stay open and serve alcohol all night so the party doesn’t have to end. And let’s not forget about the epic booze cruises! Check out our full 10-day Portugal trip here.


Tubing in Vang Vieng – Laos

Picture this: A beautiful hot day in a country surrounded by lush jungle. You and your friends grab some tubes and head down to the river to bar hop and drink buckets and beer with hundreds of travelers from around the world. Tubing along this river in Vang Vieng, Laos, is a must for every backpacker. Make all of your friends back home jealous by enjoying one of the coolest party days in the world! Check out our full LTC (Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia) trips here.

Laos Vang Vieng

Full Moon Party – Thailand

Every month, people from all around the world gather in Koh Phangan, Thailand to celebrate the full moon. Seriously, the infamous Full Moon Party typically draws in crowds of around 30,000 people! Everybody decks themselves out in the wildest gear, painting their entire bodies and even throwing on crazy coloured wigs. Buckets of alcohol are everywhere and the party doesn’t stop until the sun rises! Celebrate the full the moon with us in the sickest way ever! If you’re on any Thailand trip with us during a full moon, you can bet you’ll be here! Check out all of our Thailand trips here.

Full Moon Party

Gili Islands – Indonesia 

Last but definitely not least is the epic party scene on the Gili Islands in Indonesia. Riddled with perfect sunsets and beautiful beaches, the Gili Islands is the perfect place to slam back a few too many beverages. With tons of bars offering wicked cocktails and an after-hours bar that all travelers flock to at the end of the night, you’re a shoe-in for a good time! Check out our 10-day Bali & the Gili Islands trip here.


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