April Employee of the Month: Ben Marsh

Mr April goes to the kind-hearted travel junkie, Ben Marsh! Ben is a Trip leader on our Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and LTC trips!

EOTM Apr Ben Marsh 

It seems as though nothing but kind words are ever spoken about our Mr April, and for good reason, “If you are lucky enough to have Ben as a friend, you have a friend for life and who will always drop anything to have a chat with you.” He’s often being commended for being a great friend, “thank you Ben Marsh for being such a good friend, a shoulder to lean on, a soundboard for rants, a singing partner, and a provider of belly laughs!”

Or for having the biggest heart, “he tries to wrestle but always forgets he’s a lover. Has the heart of no other and will always be there for group members.”

ben marsh 3

His fellow leaders love him, “I met Ben Marsh on one of my first official 10-day Indonesia trips, he was my group member and I remember thinking, we gotta hire this guy! Since then I have been lucky enough to lead 5 trips with him. There isn’t a day that goes by when we’re together that we’re not laughing, singing, poking fun at each other, or having good life chats. Ben and I have too many hilarious memories to just pick one, from him fake proposing to me (ladies don’t fret, we called the engagement off), to chats about ants taking over the world, to Zumba classes in bars, it’s never a dull moment with the guy!”

Ben is also great at getting people out of their comfort zones, “he gave me more and more confidence to sing in front of people. He does this for everyone, he has the ability to get people out of their bubbles and shine! Never stop doing that Ben!”

ben marsh 2

And we can’t write a blog about Ben without mentioning his sense of humour! “He’s undercover hilarious, likes late night pillow talks with his roomie until he falls asleep mid convo, he only showers for max 2 minutes and sleeps in the nude when he has a bit too much to drink!”

It doesn’t stop there though, our Group Members have a soft spot for Ben too:

“Just an amazing guy. Super knowledgeable and approachable. Seemed shy on the first day but opened up so quickly and we got to see all sides of Ben. The fun wild dance party Ben, his singing and guitar playing. He’s very smart and a really interesting guy. Felt super safe and taken care of for the entire 21 days.”

ben marsh

“Ben is one of the nicest, sweetest people I’ve ever met. His sense of humour combined with his travel experience made for a great leader and trip buddy. Always knowledgeable and approachable and can rock ‘Wonderwall’ on acoustic better than anyone I’ve ever met.”

“Always fun to party into the wee hours with, and a smiling face to see early the next morning ready to do it all over again.”

“Ben works incredibly hard to make sure everyone is having an amazing trip. Even if it means he has to take things away from his own time, experience etc.”

“A very kind and easy to approach guy. Professional and helpful but also sneakily knows how to turn up at the club.”

So there you have it, Ben, you’re one of a kind and we love having you on our team!

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