April Employee of the Month: Delaney Royer

Congratulations to Delaney Royer, our Ms April! Delaney has been a constant joy and wonder to work with since her first day at Free & Easy just over a year ago. We are so proud (and super stoked) to have her as a part of our amazing team!


Delaney did her first trip with us as a Trip Member in 2012 on our Original Thailand 40 day trip. She was hooked, and in between semesters at school she hit up Nicaragua on our Final Fiesta New Years trip (twice!), as well as Costa Rica and Panama. We had our eye on Del for a while, but the timing never seemed to work out! Once Del put away her graduation cap, we were finally lucky enough to get her on our team! She is currently crushing trips in Thailand and Indonesia!


Del is known for her positive attitude and amazing leadership! She is the whole Free & Easy Leader Package: fun, knowledgeable, positive, and easy-going, but she takes it to a whole new level with her amazing sense of humor, great outlook on life, and she’s an absolute beast on the dance floor. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable immediately and throughout their trips. Or their lives, for that matter. When Del is your leader, you’re likely making a friend for life. So, get ready to party!


Plus, Del is a connoisseur of all things great and affordable. Follow Del along for breakfast if you’re craving the biggest instagram worthy smoothie bowl in Bali, or the cheapest glass of red wine in Thailand. She knows where the best of the best is in every country she leads. Her adventurous streak goes far beyond FnEZ. If you ever run into Del, be sure to ask her about all of her amazing journeys (or check them out on her totally epic instagram: @del_blair), including her recent trip to Vietnam with fellow leader and partner Cody:


If you ask the other leaders what makes Del so amazing to work with (which we did), a common theme that comes up is her ability to be herself. That may seem like a simple compliment, but in a world where it’s so easy to hide behind fake realities, Del’s realness is a wonderful burst of fresh air that reminds us all to take ourselves a little less seriously. Del’s ability to look at people and situations without judgement is something I think we’re all striving for. The other common theme? Her sweet, sweet dance moves.


Here’s what a few of her fellow leaders had to say about her:

“Delaney is a born leader, a constant positive presence for any group members, and someone that people can look up to.”

“Dance moves that tear up the dance floor and a smile that is as bright as its disco light.”

“She’s the highest energy, positive ball of sunshine!”

“She’s always down to show people a good time and she’s always herself. People love her because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

“Del brings so much joy and love to everyone she meets. Her authenticity is endearing and contagious. She is non stop laughs to be around and her dance moves are whacky and downright legendary.”


We love you Delaney! Keep up the amazing and legendary work: you are a great role model and an ideal to look up to for our new leaders. Join Delaney out in Thailand or Indonesia this summer, and find out why she is our incredible Ms May!

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