April Employee of the Month: Josh Arseneau

Say hello to our April Employee of the Month: Josh Arseneau!


 Josh has earned Employee of the Month for many reasons, including his incredible respect and interest of the cultures of countries he leads in. He gets to know the locals on a genuine, personal level, as well as his group members. It’s just in his nature! He’s kind, fun, adventurous and we’re so stoked he’s a part of the FnEZ Family!

Josh Arseneau-mud-cave

His amazing aptitude for speaking the Thai language helps him along the way, especially for getting into one of his favourite parts about traveling: food. You’ll see Josh chatting with the locals, sharing their plates, asking what it is they’re eating, how they make it, why they eat it. He’s always willing to try something new and to find out why he’s never had it before! Are you an adventure foodie? You’ll want to be on one of Josh’s trips! He’s also skilled at fishing, particularly at catching barracuda.


You’ll know Josh when you meet him by his handle-bar mustache, chewbacca noises,  fire poi in hand, having heart-to-hearts with friends on the beach. Or on the dancefloor, with a pirate hat, absolutely crushing it, being the last one in bed after a Full Moon Party. He has a love for nature and animals, especially the fridge cats in Koh Phi Phi, and can pretty much tell you what any bug, snake, tree, or plant is if you ask him. He’ll also be out shredding the gnar-gnar in the Otres waves. Want to have some adventures with Josh? Find them here!


Josh is a very genuine guy, and you can tell by his great laugh, his amazing smile, and UNREAL hugs. Watch out ladies and gents! This one will steal your heart. Not just when he’s awake, but if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Josh sleeping, you’ll see a sweet baby cherub in his place.


Here’s what some of his past Group Members have had to say about him:

“Josh held every person local, and non local with honor. Everyone that has a chance to speak with him leaves the conversation a better person for it. He shared any and all knowledge he could about Thai culture all the time.”

“He went above and beyond for everything! I felt so comfortable with him, and If I could pick I would want him to lead me again in the future! He was so much fun!”

“I just love his attitude towards life. He’s so good at talking to everyone, and was such an adventurous spirit to have around.”

“Josh is so awesome, he made this trip the best time of my life which is why I’ll forever have his name tattooed on my butt.”

“Josh has the ability to always put a smile on someone’s face, always brings good tunes, which can save a long travel day or brighten the mood, great sense of humour and very thoughtful of others.”


Look for Josh this summer on our ThailandLTC (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia), and Vietnam trips!

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