April Employee of the Month: Mirjana Wright

Hometown: St. Catharines, Ontario

Favourite Attributes: I’ve adopted my family’s sense of humour along with a quirky laugh. And I’m really good at opening pickle jars. (They call me Big Rig round these parts)

Languages: English, French (Intermediate), Spanish (Beginner)

Favourite Travel Destination: Thailand

What countries have you traveled to? Thailand, Aruba, Jamaica, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Grand Cayman, Canada, USA, England, Ireland, Australia

Why Do You Travel? I love to experience different cultures while learning the ways of the world; I find travelling constantly refreshes and amplifies the respect and appreciation you have for the world and everything in it. Traveling is a way to live forever as a child, experiencing new things and seeing new wonders for the first time. It’s a special kind of magic, an addiction to the thrill of new experiences and adventures not obtainable in many other ways!


Ms April has come to be known as everyone’s mom away from home…that is if your mom jumps off 40 ft waterfalls like it’s no big deal! She’s a total daredevil and won’t think twice about bungee jumping off a bridge, dropping in on a wave or slack lining beside the edge of a cliff. We first came across her on a 40-day Thailand trip way back when that was the only trip Free & Easy offered (we know, that was a million years ago). Since then she’s traveled the world in pursuit of the thrill of new experiences and adventures, and the magic that comes from seeing new wonders for the first time. When we finally called her up to join the team (she calls it the 7-year phone call), she said “HELL YES” and was off to Central America in a jiffy. A girl of many names – MJ, Mirj, MaryJane, MamaMir – Ms April is none other than the raddest chick around: Mirjana Wright!


Renowned for her many hidden talents – big rig truck-driving license, amazing ukulele playing skills, baddest wing-womaning talents – you are in for a treat when you jump on a trip with MamaMir. She’s the girl you always want in your corner—she’ll pick you up from your lowest, cheer you on and always make you look damn cool. With her dazzling smile and go-get-em attitude, Mirjana is the Ying to whatever Yang you throw out there.


These days you can find her rocking around Central America. So next time you see her hand her a basilito (delicious cocktail!) and ask her to rap some Busta Rhymes for you—she can throw down every single word of Look at Me Now without missing a beat WHILE wearing a morph suit. #‎PrettyFly‬

If you’ve been on a trip with Mirjana, help her win TourRadar’s 2016 Guide of the Year by reviewing your trip with her –> http://www.tourradar.com/guide/mirjanawright-128

Also follow along on her adventures on Instagram @mirjanamarie or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ.

“Within seconds of meeting MJ, her infectious smile made my day THAT much better! Whether it be zip lining through the Costa Rican jungle or busting a move at a reggae bard, she radiates such positive energy and encouragement.” -Trip Member Eric


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