August Employee of the Month: Dominic Faint

Hometown: Born in England but live in Calgary, Alberta 

Favourite Attributes: I can grow a beard fast and keep people warm with my chest hair. Oh and I’m a great listener.

Languages: I recently learned Jamaican; currently speaking England.

Favourite Travel Destination: Cambodia

What countries have you traveled to? Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, England, Ireland, Indonesia, Philippines, and the ol’ all inclusive in the Dominican and Cuba. 

Why Do You Travel? Hmmmmmmm maybe it’s because my mind is  free! I know what I want in life now, whether it’s travelling or being at home, who I want to be around and what people I want in my life.  I’ve discovered a happiness I did not know I could have before!


The featured member of our Free & Easy Family for the month of August is the friendliest gorilla in the jungle: Dominic Faint! Dom has deep roots with the company as his sister, Jemma, has worked with us for many years. With a little prodding from his sis he came on one of our trips a few years back and instantly settled into his natural habitat of a life with lazy days on the beach, afternoons in the hammock, and evenings spent sipping (and sometimes chugging) tasty drinks while telling jokes. Dom’s about as laid-back as a winter bear on valium and thus embodies what the island life in Southern Thailand is all about – taking it easy, shedding your cares and replacing them with wide smiles and belly laughs. We couldn’t help but take notice of seeing a man in his element.


If you’ve been fortunate enough to share a travel experience in Thailand with Dom then you have no doubt traveled in the cool, calm atmosphere that he constantly radiates and seen his big heart warm the people around him. After a long stint of guiding in Thailand this year, Dom recently got to end his latest tour of duty by seeing his sister marry one of his best friends (also a former FnEZ guide) on one of our favourite beaches on the planet in Koh Phangan! His best man speech was said to be a thing of legend. In 2015, look for Dom to return to Southeast Asia and possibly even be your guide – bring your best jokes to trade for the hairiest, cuddliest hugs around!


Also follow along on Dom’s adventures on Instagram @domf126 or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ.

“Dom made my trip something above and beyond what I could have hoped for. Not only did he make me feel a part of the group, but I had the distinct pleasure of developing a friendship with him. He is an amazing leader whose experience and laid back attitude make him one of a kind!” -Trip Member Katie

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