August Employee of the Month: Eden Osmar

Eden hails from Sudbury, Ontario, and currently works from Ottawa as Free & Easy’s Digital Marketing Coordinator. We couldn’t be happier with Eden’s amazing work ethic and of course her sense of humour! Congratulations Eden on being the FnEZ August Employee of the Month!


Eden first came across FnEZ in Ottawa at Algonquin College where she met a few reps who were running a promo table at the college. Eden had never backpacked in her life, but she loved the looks of FnEZ, and quickly became a rep herself! (Become a Rep, like Eden, and earn $ towards your next FnEZ Trip!)


Eden was a natural at spreading the word of FnEZ across campus and to her friends. She quickly saved up her Travel-Bucks and real bucks and went on the trip of a lifetime on our 20-day Peru Trip: Wander Through the Incan World.


We were as happy to have her on the trip as she was to be there! Her down-to-earth personality and hilarious wise-cracks gave us a lasting first impression. Little did we know where that was going to lead! When we say travel changes your life, we mean it. You never know where your path is going to lead, so follow your heart (and the itinerary) and you just might find what you’re looking for.


When the position of Social Media Coordinator popped up, Eden applied, and boom! She got her dream job with her favourite company. How amazing is that? Well, it’s not luck. Eden was chosen among many applicants, but her go-getter attitude and easy going ways really caught our attention, and fits in perfectly with the Free and Easy vibe.

We were so excited to have her in Calgary for our Annual FnEZ Head Office Pow-Wow, where we learned just how fun she can be, and just how great her ideas are. She has blown her co-workers away with her perseverence, timely work management, and her grasp on the FnEZ vibe.


After an outstanding first year, we can’t wait to see what else Eden has to offer, and what other adventures we can have with her! Eden is hitting up our LTC: A Backpacker’s Dream this fall, as well as our Annual FnEZ Toronto Reunion at O’Grady’s Pub and Grill on October 13! Come say hi!

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