August Employee of the Month: Evan Bachman

Mr August goes to the guy who just always wants to have a good time, Evan Bachman!

EOTM Aug Evan Bachman

Evan is one hell of a trip leader, with 5 years of experience under his belt! 

Evan believes that people should focus more on enjoying the moment rather than trying to capture it. He is also very kind and thoughtful, “He always used to leave a water bottle on my bed at night so that after I came home drunk it’d be waiting for me. He just loves to have a good time and nothing can stop him. I’ve never seen him mad at me or anyone else really, he’s so kind and compassionate. Great guy, but don’t ever let him shave his face. It’s the weirdest.”

If you’ve never heard of ‘The Sleeve Monster’, you have now! “The Sleeve Monster is real. His sleeves have a life expectancy of about 2 days except for a couple that he protects for the nights he needs a shirt with sleeves.”

Evan isn’t just The Sleeve Monster though, he also has another alter ego, “Daddy Cool is his alter ego. Far from messy, he becomes a king of disco, can’t remove a big cheesy grin and is very good at twirling his way through crowds.”


On top of that, he’s also an expert conversation maker, “He is incredible at asking very thought provoking questions, from deep ones about your dreams and aspirations and life back home, to asking you if you’d rather change genders every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a baby or a cupcake.”

At anytime, a group member can ask their group leader to walk them home during a night out #SafetyFirst, but that doesn’t stop Evan from keeping the party going “He’s always down to walk people home during a big night but Daddy Cool always shows up again 20 minutes later.”


And if you’re looking for some more fun facts about Evan Bachman:

  • He has an exercise shirt but when he’s wearing it you know it’s washing day and everything else is in the wash.
  • He makes a mean sangria.
  • He is super conscious of the environment.
  • He is great at backflipping off cliffs and boats. Safely.
  • He always has his speakers with him.
  • He drinks Raki like it’s water.
  • He’s almost impossible to anger. The angriest I’ve seen him is when I ate his pizza, and only because he was nice enough to buy me a pizza specifically so that I didn’t eat his.
  • Absolute legend.

evan beers

Here’s what some of his group members have to say about him:

Evan gives off this vibe where you feel comfortable with him. From the moment he picked me up from the airport to the moment he dropped me off, I felt like he is genuinely someone I could confide in and trust. One of the most helpful people I’ve met and always has a good recommendation for food!”

“Always knew how to have a good time but made sure we would still have a safe time and a good time the next day!”

“Evan is an amazing person and is so so good at this job! You can tell that he truly loves Greece and genuinely cares about all members in the group! He does such a good job at making sure everyone makes the most out of the trip and I found he was a great reminder to put down our phones/cameras and just enjoy and take it all in, which I truly appreciate.”

evan spain

“Evan is amazing at making everyone feel comfortable and involved and encouraging us to live in the moment during everything that we do. Even if something would go wrong, he did very well at keeping a calm, positive outlook.”

Thanks for everything, Evan!

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