Casa Horizon – Free & Easy’s Very Own Beach House!

Over 15 years of adventures with Free & Easy has allowed us the opportunity to travel multiple continents, and go off the beaten path and discover some incredible destinations.  Our trips have always been longer than the typical trips, because part our philosophy is to allow yourself time to appreciate the amazing things you encounter on these adventures.

Shortly before running our first Nicaragua trips in 2009, we encountered a new remote beach in Southern Nicaragua, called Playa Escameca, that we were absolutely amazed by.  There was only one house on the beach, which had inconsistent electricity and lights, and essentially no internet. But with surf breaks directly out front, we started renting that one house for our Free & Easy groups, and cooking our own meals and enjoying our secluded beach paradise.

Nicaragua beach

In early 2010, we were fortunate enough to purchase a parcel of land on Playa Escameca. We scored a spot right next to the beach house we always stayed at, and suddenly our dreams of having our own paradise getaway began manifesting. Later on that year, only months after our purchase, the producers of ‘Survivor’ came around to plan their next season of Survivor in Nicaragua.  They chose to film on our beach as the main camp from start to end!  We all agreed, the beach is sweet!

A turtle foundation was started on Escameca this year that has helped over 5000 baby turtles make it safely to the ocean!  (Come in October – February and you’ll surely see them!). Dolphins are often seen playing in the waves, numerous species of birds can be seen on a daily basis and howler monkeys pass by frequently.  It’s impossible not to be wowed by nature hanging out in Escameca, and we’ve got plenty of hammocks to kick back and do just that 🙂


We are in such a natural environment far from busy streets and development, yet we’re only 30 minute drive from San Juan del Sur town, and all the happenings, including restaurants, shops and stellar nightlife!

In designing and building our beach house, we wanted to limit the impact on the environment, and to the beautiful jungle canopy where birds and howler monkeys still travelled past on regular occasion.  We were fortunate to find our dream architect to help us do just that. The building of Casa Horizon only required one tree to be cut down! Both we and the howler monkeys are very happy about that.


From the beginning, we knew we were going to hire local tradesman and managers to work on the project.  Over these past two years, it’s been exciting to see how Casa Horizon has brought together the local community, and created a lot of opportunity, jobs, and friends along the way.  The workers feel grateful for the opportunity, and we feel grateful for the incredible work they’ve done…win win!

We are so excited that we are now ready to start hosting guests, and friends, and anyone who wants to come stay with us at our new beach house, Casa Horizon!

Casa Horizon is a 2-story house with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large kitchen and living room, a yoga studio, hammock lounge, and multiple outdoor sundecks.  It’s suitable for individuals, couples, or friends to rent a suite. It’s also open for bigger groups to rent the whole house exclusively!  Already in 2016, we’ve hosted 2 yoga retreats in partnership with our sister company, ‘Breathe in Life’, and now with our own yoga studio recently completed, we’re looking forward to many more retreats in the near future!

For more information about Casa Horizon click here.

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