Costa Rica North – Top 5 Things to do

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and its abundance of ridiculously fun things to do. On the 10-day Costa Rica North trip, there is so much to see and do to keep busy, but also we take the time to sit back, relax, have a bevy and take in everything that is Costa Rica. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the Top 5 things to do while travelling Costa Rica, Free & Easy style:

1. Enjoy a Waterfall Shower:

Staying smelling good is easy when you can take your shower in a beautiful waterfall! There are so many waterfalls we visit throughout the trip, they are a great way to relax, cool off and calm our souls.

2. Take a Surf Lesson:

We kick off our Costa Rica North trip in Tamarindo! Such a laid-back beach town with a great opportunity to learn how to surf. With lessons included in the price, everyone gets a chance to catch a wave. There are a couple of different locations that we can surf throughout the trip, including Tamarindo and Santa Theresa, you’ll be shredding barrels in no time!

3. Infinity Pool Party:

Showering in waterfalls and catching waves is tiresome work! You’ll definitely enjoy some downtime in Santa Theresa where we’ll catch evening sunsets by the infinity pool overlooking the pacific ocean. We’ll enjoy a few umbrella bevvies and see where the night takes us. With breathtaking scenery all around you, surrounded by some of the coolest people you’ve ever met, it’s a fun and relaxing time to be in Costa Rica!

4. Zip-Line for 1.5km

Costa Rica hosts the longest zip-line in Latin America with 1.5km! Get that adrenaline pumping by gliding through an exotic forest in Monteverde in what’s known as the ‘Cloud Forest’! Zip-lining is just one of the optional activities on the trip, along with white water rafting, rappelling down waterfalls and ATV’ing. The list goes on for those looking for some serious adventure!

5. Soak up that Sun:

Seems rather obvious, but you can’t say you’ve been to Costa Rica without soaking up some of those gorgeous rays on silky white sand beaches. Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches, which is why we make a point of taking full advantage of them. So grab your towel, sunnies and lotion, because the beach is waiting for you!

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