December Employee of the Month: Ben Marsh

Introducing Mr. December: Ben Marsh. As the FnEZ Family knows, being a Ben working for FnEZ is no easy task. There’s plenty of shoes to fill, but Mr. December seems to have no problem making his own name for himself! Congrats Ben!


Ben started leading for FnEZ in May 2017, but he was no stranger to the FnEZ way. He did his first trip with us in 2012 to ThailandLaos, and Cambodia and fell in love with the style of Free and Easy’s trips. It opened Ben’s eyes to the joy of group travel, being your true self, and the easy-going nature of our trips. Then he hit up the epic Nica New Years trip, our 40-day Philippines trip, and the unreal Peru trip. Phewf! That’s a lot of traveling, a lot of good times, and a great way to get onto our radar! We had to have him! And we’re sure glad he’s a part of the amazing Free & Easy Family, making it all the merrier! 


Ben caught our eye because of his super chill attitude, his early bird habits, and his love of a good viewpoint hike. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to get him on his guitar at the end of the night, you’re in for a treat! A super humble performer, Ben creates a peaceful, beautiful vibe that makes it impossible to walk away (We’re all waiting for an album, Ben). If he’s not in the playing mood, throw on some Neil Young, toss him an apple, and watch him in his element. You can also find him in his bunk on the night train, with some LED candles and soft Christmas tunes playing.


He’s not all chillness and guitars though! If you find yourself on a trip with Ben in 2018, be sure to hit the dance floor and throw Pony on and wait for him to put the Ben in bendy with his “special moves”, or Gas Pedal if you want to see Ben get low. Ben can go from party night to morning hike in the blink of an eye, and is always there for you through it all. His leading partners all agree: his huge heart and genuinely kind soul makes him the type of friend who is always there for you with open arms, willing to chat about anything, and always good for a joke under his breath. Much love to you from everyone at Free & Easy, Ben! 


His group members think he’s pretty rad too, check out these reviews from his trips this year:

“Ben and I got along extremely well due to the fact that he is literally one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and is super easy to have a conversation with! He was really good at listening to people and getting to know them and it was super easy for me to develop a friendship with him. For his first time leading I think he was very helpful, even if he didn’t know the answer to something he would always find a way to get it.”

“Ben was VERY approachable! I always felt comfortable asking him questions.”
“Ben was this magical background force always working behind the scenes to make sure everything ran smoothly!”

“Ben had good relationships with the locals at our guesthouses. He was able to communicate the needs of the group effectively.”

“Ben was a great leader… but I consider him more than that, and am happy to call him a true friend now!”

“On every occasion, Ben would answer any and all of my questions. He was always so polite and kind that he made me feel like I always had someone looking out for me!”


If you know Ben, you know he’s a strict sleeve guy. No tank tops for him. However, after some digging, we have a rare photo of the elusive cisternina summo circumdatio Bennus Marshamus (Tank Top Wearing Ben Marsh): 


Wanna go to Thailand with FnEZ? There’s a trip for everyone! Join Ben in Indonesia, or on one of our Thailand trips (he’s especially fond of our newest Southeast Asia addition, the 10-day Thai North trip) in 2018!


From 10 to 40-day trips, Thailand South or North, or our very popular Laos, Thailand, Cambodia trip (25 or 40 days). Check our site to find the trip for you! You can find out how great Ben is at holding his breath and join him on his jogs!


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