December Employee of the Month: John Early

Hometown: Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFavourite Attributes: Known to play the 90s jam ‘Peaches’ by the Presidents on Normita, my travelin’ ukulele, while gargling the words with a mouthful of hot sandy rum.

Languages: English, Spanish, French and beginner Thai

Favourite Travel Destination: The pacific surf breaks of Central America and any small islands in Thailand full of cliff jumping and rock climbing!

What countries have you traveled to? Australia, Austria, Burma, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Grand Cayman, Greece, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, USA

Why Do You Travel? I travel because, like my musical styles and projects in life, I’m always seeking to define new territory. My formal education consists of a B.Comm in Marketing and Management but it is my eight years of tours and world travels through which I have found my real education and reason to smile in life.

 Traveling helps to teach you to adapt and be comfortable in different and sometimes uncomfortable situations, all while taking in new experiences and ways of living… Because what happens outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens 😉 

Pura Vida!


For the month of December we’d like to feature a member of our team who is a huge reason why all the madness of New Year’s in Nicaragua goes off without a hitch every year: John Early! Already a seasoned traveler before he joined us, it was a simple and basically non-existent transition for him into the Free & Easy life. Moving from place to place with little more than his guitar and notebook was normal for him so stepping into a job where he could do that full-time was a perfect fit for us both.


Plucked right from the great city of Saskatoon, we first shipped John over to Southeast Asia where he brought his upbeat tempo of life and infinite optimism to the beaches of Southern Thailand. Sharing the life he loves with so many people allowed him to be an excellent guide and it wasn’t long before we were utilizing his services in other parts of the world. Last year he began guiding our Central America trips and after 1-year of doing that he has stepped into the role of managing everything we got going on down here, which includes #TheFinalFiesta, our massive 200-person New Year’s celebration which is still happening! So if you see John on the beach or in the surf around Central America, give him a high-five for organizing such a glorious mob of travellers into the greatest party trip of the year!


If you’ve been on a trip with Eric, help him win TourRadar’s 2016 Guide of the Year by reviewing your trip with him –>

Also follow along on his adventures on Instagram @johntearly or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ.

“What a life changing adventure. From waterfall repelling to bungee jumping, to just having a fam jam wearing crazy tights, this trip was absolutely incredible. Thanks John Early for the amazing adventure and making the trip so wild and free!” -Trip Member Jessica

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