December Employees of the Month: HQ Staff

Normally, we post our Employee of the Month on the first day of each month, and normally it’s one of our fabulous group leaders who serve up the FnEZ experiences on the ground.

However, for this last post of  2016 we would like to give a huge shout out to our HQ Crew who slug it out day in and day out running the less exotic aspects of Free & Easy.  That’s not saying we don’t all love our jobs: because we do!  It shows in the pre- and post-trip service that makes everyone feel the love from the moment you sign up for a trip with us until long after it’s ended.

90% of our home staff used to be (or still are!) group leaders, so we all understand that exciting buzz of what it feels like to be getting ready for that first big trip (or even the 2nd or 3rd).   There is such a huge personal satisfaction to be the ones providing the means to our travelers get out there and see the world in an authentic way.  That’s why we all love what we do!

HQ staff

Going through our collage left to right here’s our team and a bit of their personal history with the company.  It’s impossible to encapsulate what everyone does because everyone’s role has grown organically and people may have worked on things in a multitude of ways.  In no particular order:

Ben Copeland
present – Customer Service
past – group leader in Thailand and LTC

Jemma Faint
present – Human Resources
past – group leader in Thailand

Tadd Mackenna
present – Head of Leader Operations
past – group leader in Thailand, LTC, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Nica NY
group member – Thailand 2010

Justin Wiechnik
present – VP Sales & Business Development
past – group leader in Thailand, LTC, Indonesia, Japan, and Nica NY, as well as head of FnEZ Snow Trips
group member – Thailand 2007

Andreas Ustad
present – VP I.T.
past – resident Thailand Logistics Coordinator

Rory Chappelle
present – Casa Horizon Manager
past – group leader in Thailand, LTC, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru
group member – LTC 2011

Rob Campbell
present – President
past – group leader in Thailand, trip designer for Philippines and all the other HQ jobs too (voted best office haircut 8 years running)

Curtis Smith
present – Founder
past – trip leader in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Thailand and trip designer for most of our trips as well as every other job under the sun

Chad Smith
present – VP International Operations and Creative Consultant
past – trip leader in Thailand, LTC, Vietnam, Japan, and trip designer for LTC, Vietnam, Japan, Nicaragua, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and company photographer

Jesse Woodward
present – Graphic Designer for the past 9 years starting out with his first job of designing our logo!

Jeff Emmett
present – VP Marketing
past – trip leader in Thailand, LTC, Vietnam, and Nica NY as well as trip designer for Vietnam and head of Sales in Ontario
group member – Thailand 2009

Carrie Robinson
present – Rep Manager and Mediterranean Manager/Leader
past – trip leader in Thailand and Nica NY
group member – Greece & Turkey 2011

Chris Sherry
present – Head of Finance and Thailand SE Asian Logistics Coordinator
past – trip leader in Thailand and LTC
group member – Thailand 2006

Eden Osmar
present – Social Media Coordinator
group member – Peru 2016

Dusty Anderson
present – Flight Director and Finance Consultant and Indonesia Manager
past – trip leader in Thailand, Indonesia and Nica NY
group member – Thailand and LTC 2011

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