Employee of the Month: Benjamin Copeland

Mr January goes to our Customer Service Wizard, Ben Copeland!

EOTM Jan 2020 Ben Copeland

If you have ever emailed Free & Easy or sent a message on our live chat box on the website, then you would have chatted with Ben! 

He knows the ins and outs of FnEZ, having started as a Trip Leader 8 years ago. After showing group members the time of their lives in Southeast Asia we scooped him up to join our HQ team. 


With his kind heart, sense of humour, and unmatched knowledge of all things Free & Easy, Ben is more than deserving of the Mr January title.

Like a classic backpacker, Ben loves to pull out his guitar when the opportunity presents itself, “if you’ve ever had a chance to travel with Ben you know that he’s a hilarious guy to hang out with and if you’re lucky enough on one of those late night beach fires he’ll pull out his guitar and sing for you.”


He has built lasting relationships with everyone on the team, “he’s probably the world’s best guitar player/singer and best friend anyone can ask for.”

Ben makes sure to always go above and beyond for our customers. It’s no secret that taking a big backpacking trip to a foreign country can be extremely daunting. Ben is an expert at calming those nerves and ensuring everyone that traveling is one of the best things they can do for themselves!


Thank you Ben for all of your hard work, handsome looks, and angelic singing voice, please never change!

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