Employee of the Month: Chris Sherry

Mr September goes to the one and only Chris Sherry!

EOTM Sept 2019 Chris Sherry

The first thing you need to know about Chris Sherry is that he is always referred to by both his first and last name. Always.

We met Chris Sherry back in 2006 when he first came out on a trip to Thailand with us. During the trip while hanging out on the beach, Chris Sherry had a stroke of unbelievably bad luck when a palm tree fell over on him and resulted in a broken neck. After months of recovery in Thailand and then back home in Colorado, Chris Sherry decided he wanted to get back out on another Free & Easy trip since his first one was cut short. And we couldn’t be more stoked that he was back to health and back to traveling.

He now has a permanent reminder of how lucky he is to be alive with a palm tree tattoo on his shoulder! 

chris sherry 3

His near death experience didn’t stop him from living life exactly the way he wanted, the free and easy way! Over the course of the past decade, Chris Sherry led some of our trips in Southeast Asia, managed the company finances, and handled the logistics. Now he is settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as the full time Southeast Asia Logistics Manager. But just because he lives in Thailand, that doesn’t mean he’s lost the travel bug! Chris Sherry is still the jet setter he was over 10 years ago, having been to Spain, Portugal, Canada, and the U.S. just within the past few months!

chris sherry 2

Like many of us, Chris Sherry has a drunk alter ego we like to call Dave Sherry, “don’t dare Dave Sherry to drink 17 Smirnoff ice, because he will.” He’s also a man of many talents, including the ability to spin fire, speak Thai, a toss a frisbee like no other. 

His team out in Southeast Asia adore him. Don’t believe us? Just hear what they have to say!

“Chris Sherry, the sassy teddy bear that none of us can live without. I don’t say this lightly… you can literally go to Chris Sherry with anything and EVERYTHING! You have a question about Thailand? Send him a message. Something exciting happened to you while leading? Chris Sherry is the guy you call. You’ve got a case of Asia Belly and you need someone to cheer you up? Chris Sherry. Want to get surprised while on a trip? Chris Sherry will show up when you least expect it, always with a big smile and open arms.

You can count on Mr. Sherry to be stoked to share some Captain Mo’s and have endless heart to hearts. There’s good reason everyone knows who Chris Sherry is because he’s always up for a great time, especially when FnEZ groups are involved!”

Thanks Chris Sherry for being such a bright light in the family that is Free & Easy!

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