Employee of the Month: Evan Volovich

Mr December goes to always smiling Trip Leader, Evan Volovich!

EOTM Dec 2019 Evan Volovich

You know those people you just love being around? Well Evan is one of those people, “being around Evan honestly just makes you want to be a better person. He is constantly smiling, making jokes or wanting to have a chat about nothing.”

On top of that, he’s unbelievably likeable, “it’s impossible to be mad at Ev, if he does something silly and you want to scold him, he has you cracking up before you even get the chance.”

He is dedicated to his job, “he is a super hard worker and it’s very obvious that he only wants the best for everyone around him. He’s a great guy to run to when you need to cry on someone’s shoulder.”

And he’s not afraid to have a good time, “he’s the best person to run to when you want to do a shotgun. Fair warning though, only challenge Evan to a shotgun race if you are willing to lose… by A LOT!!”

evan volovich thailand

His coworkers love working with him:

“I have nothing but incredible things to say about Evan… okay that’s not true, the guy can definitely be pretty stinky… but other than that, he is one unreal human-being.” 

“Here’s to everyone’s instant best friend, a guy that is terrible with words but somehow makes it work and a leader who shows nothing but passion every single day of his life!! WHAT TIME IS IT?!”

evan volovich

“From his perfect Viking beard to his exceptional ability to wear a large straw hat for 97% of the season he is just an amazing guy. He can make you laugh in any scenario and is always there for a serious chat. He’s my brother and I love him.” 

“Evan is always such a bright light on our trips. His positive energy is contagious and he makes everyone around him smile (almost) as big as he does! We’re lucky to have such a fun, outgoing, goofy leader as part of our team.” 

evan volovich beach

And to top it all off, our trip members love him too!

“Evan’s positivity is infectious, even when you’re hungover and feeling like a bag a crap he feels the same way but still sends that Evan smile your way and it gives you energy.”

“He was super approachable, I constantly asked him questions that he never knew the answer to and he would find out for me. He was fun and just an overall good person to be running your tours.”

“Evan has just the right amount of business in the front and party in the back. He was able to be a great leader, but also party like he was one of the girls after Emily just got dumped. I always felt like I knew when and where to be but also felt as free as a bird ripping the karaoke mic with him!”

“You made the trip so fun with your positivity and dance moves. You always were ready to answer questions and share your snacks.”

Thank you Evan for your hard work and positive outlook on life!


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