Employee of the Month: Joel Roca

Mr October goes to the biggest racoon lover ever, Joel Roca! 

EOTM Oct Joel Roca

We met Joel when we began running trips in Peru. He worked at the hostel we stayed at in Lima. This gave us the perfect opportunity to hangout and get to know him! After a while, we just knew we had to have him on our team. 

Obviously the best way to see a country is to go with a local! Not only is Joel a kick ass Free & Easy leader, but being from Lima he also knows all the sneaky local spots!! His enthusiasm, knowledge and experience brings the Peru trip to the next level.


Joel is always eager to share his favourite things about Peru, whether it’s nature adventuring, city exploring or sharing his favourite Peruvian delicacies like Inca Cola or choncla con queso!

His fellow trip leader says, “He lives life free and easy, you can tell he is so passionate about what we do. He brings light to our trips and I’m so stoked I get to explore one of the most amazing countries with one the most amazing dudes!”

This raccoon loving Peruvian knows how to have one heck of a time, “Joel always has a few tricks up his sleeve, whether it be mind boggling Jenga skills, busting out moves on the dance floor or limbo at the bar (you should especially see him after a few drinks). He also makes a pretty wicked Karaoke & leading partner ❤


Rain or shine, Joel takes on everyday with a smile! Theres no challenge he’ll turn down, especially if it’s a game of odds. Cool, calm, and collected he is always making sure things run smooth as peanut butter. Joel goes above and beyond to make sure our group members are having the trip of a lifetime. 

We’ve mentioned it twice now, but we aren’t lying about how much he loves racoons, “Oh the guy loves his trash pandas. He will go on and on about how cute the Raccoons are.”

His fellow trip leaders love working with him, “Joel is a Gem. Super huge asset down in Peru, his home country. Amazing at filling group members in on all aspects of the trip and learning all our silly Canadianisms. Super laid back but can crush out all the dirty work of leading as well. Love the guy. From hostel contact to super star Peru leader, we lucked out.”


And his trip members love traveling with him:

“Joel is now one of my brothers! We had great parties together, he is an amazing human to be around and he took care of me when i went down during the trip. His professionalism and also ease to talk to and have fun with was outstanding! he really is a special person and am so grateful to have met him.”

“Joel was fantastic at keeping us informed and providing additional information when we needed. He was very enthusiastic about all activities which made them a very enjoyable experience.”

“Everyone seemed to like Joel. He always had an open door policy and he was able to get everyone excited for what ever was up next.”

Thank you Joel for showing our trip members an epic time in Peru! 


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