Employee of the Month: John Aitken

Our Mr February is Central America Trip Leader John Aitken!

EOTM Feb 2020 John Aitken

Johnny is a firefighter by day and an epic Trip Leader by night, “his firefighter life back home makes him look like a bear but he has the biggest heart ever! He makes people laugh so hard they cry always, he’s honesty one of the funniest guys I know!”

His life back in Canada as a firefighter definitely helps with is life down in Latin America as a Trip leader, “Johnny is a big manly firefighter, which means not only will he protect your from 🔥 but also make sure you’re having the time of your life.”


Seriously, “when Johnny’s not at home in Canada fighting fires, he’s lighting it up down in Latin America! Johnny knows how to get the party going FnEZ style. From getting everyone off their seat in karaoke, fired up for activities, or dancing on the bus on travel days, there’s never a dull moment with this guy around.”

A natural born leader who’s always looking for a good time, Johnny’s Co-Leaders love working with him, “He is the biggest team player, always has my back no matter what situation we gets thrown into (Nicaragua, Costa, Panama, and Colombia). Or what I ask of him, lead solo, stay up longer, whatever it is, he always gets it done and does it with a smile.”


Let’s not forget about his wicked beard and shiny head, “he’s a bald bearded brother from another mother.”

Whether you need a a good time or just the chance to sit down and chat, Johnny has got your back, “Above everything else, there’s nothing better than sitting at the bar after a long trip and having a beer with one of my best buds Yhonni.”

His energy is contagious and his motto is one we should all adopt, “Life’s a garden, dig it.” You’re guaranteed a good time once his T Rex arms or country twang make an appearance.


Just look at what his trip members have had to say:

“Johnny always had a smile, a high five, an extra smoke, or an answer for me. Stand up guy all around.”

“John’s love for the area and respectfulness for the culture are two of his greatest assets. Always willing to help or find someone who knew more than he did.”

“Johnny was SO nice to everyone! I feel like he was so accommodating and made sure that he got to know everyone on the trip and made connections with us all.”

“Keep doing your thing! Johnny was always amazing at making sure everyone was safe and having fun, he was great.”


So thank you Johnny for being so genuine, fun, and for your ability to catch a leprechaun in 3 seconds flat.

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