Employee of the Month: Josh Fink

December’s Employee of the Month is DJ Pina himself, Josh Fink!

EOTM Dec Josh Fink

Josh has been with the FnEZ fam for 4 years now, working his way up from Trip Leader to Trip Manager, and he has even had his hand in trip creation. 

Speaking fluent Spanish enables him to interact with the locals in Central and South America in a way other people can’t, which makes his trips much more meaningful for Free & Easy group members. Not only does he speak fluent Spanish, he also holds down the fort by often leading trips solo, proving his leading skills and trip knowledge, time and time again.

Although he will respond to Josh, this dude goes by many names: Fink, Finkey, Finkerdoodle, Captain Trampstamp, DJ Pina, and now Mr December! He gets his DJ name from his love of pineapples and you can catch him wearing pineapple themed clothing more often than not. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to travel with Josh, than you know his rap karaoke skills are off the hook, and his surfing skills are even better, “he’s an amazing surfer, can even do a headstand on the board while riding a wave.”


Full of random nature facts, he makes any hike through the jungle even more interesting. He also hikes through the jungle completely barefoot. Every time.

On top of all his other duties, Josh is always willing to take on more responsibility, “this Latino leader of ours keeps taking on more responsibility and making it work in the token Caribbean laid back style.” 


Here’s what some of Josh’s group members had to say about him:

“So comfortable about everything with Josh! Super chill and easy to talk to about anything.”

“Josh consistently carried himself with the utmost respect for the Colombia culture (people and nature) he would frequently interact with locals, pick up garbage from the street, share knowledge about people, animals, structures, etc. with group members, and he was always willing to keep translate.”

“One of Josh’s greatest strengths is his ability to create a positive group experiences – he did a great job encouraging group activities and independent activities.”


“Josh knew little facts about so many things from birds to plants to local secrets it was eye opening to be with someone so knowledgeable.”

“So many laughs about stupid shit but it was awesome! I’ll miss our goofy chats about nothing and just constantly laughing with you about everything!”

Thank you Josh for being such an epic leader! You can find our Mr December crushing out the Costa Rica, Costa Rica & Panama, Nicaragua, and Colombia trips all year round!  

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