Employee of the Month: Mike Green

Mr July goes to the wildly fun, easy to talk to trip leader, Mike Green! 

EOTM Jul Mike Green

Mike has the ability to make sure that every single group member is having the time of their life. Whether it’s by showing them a good time at a local club or having a heart to heart, he’s able to bring to the table exactly what each group member needs. 

Everybody loves Mike’s silly sense of humour, “Besides having an extremely common name, Mike Green is far from common. I met Mike in May this year and we hit it off immediately. Less than a week after knowing the guy I knew he was important. He had me cry-laughing all over the place; whether it be poolside, in a Bangkok arcade or on the back of a Kawasaki Ninja. His humour is always there.”

mike green 2

Don’t be fooled by his humour though, “On the outside Mike has the long hair don’t care vibe… but Mike Green cares. Mike Green cares a lot. I got to spend another 3 weeks with him later on in the season and I now get to call him one of my best mates. He has an easy going manner and heart of gold that draws people towards him. That took me by surprise. You can see it in other people that Mike brings happiness to them just by being himself. It was wild to see actually. He can handle the late nights and that is really where he shines in getting to know people.”

He isn’t afraid to go deep while getting dirty either, “He is also willing to get dirty doing beach clean-ups and happy to discuss the important things in life while doing so.” 

His demeanour is what makes him an incredible leader, “Mike is relaxed as could be and has a beautifully real outlook on life. He is someone you get to laugh with, cry with and everything in between.” 

mike green

His co-leaders adore him, “I’m so happy I got to lead my last two trips with Mike! We had never lead together before but we bonded immediately over our love of belting out love songs, and shopping. He would never pass up an opportunity for a heart to heart, and he will listen to anyone’s problems with a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand if you need. BECKYYYYY you are the best!!! Love you girl!!!”

And his group members do to:

“Mike was super chill and easy to get along with. He was super chatty, and always made sure to talk to everyone in the group! He always made sure to give us his food recommendations, and we had lots of fun group nights together. Also got to chat and get to know him, can’t wait to hang out in Edmonton later! He definitely provided the comic relief… those jean shorts and bikini top.”

“Mike has a heart of gold. He is very friendly loves having heart to hearts with people to get to know them better. He made the effort to connect with everyone in the group and it was great to see.”

mike green 3

“Mike did a great job of talking to everyone in the group, no matter what they were doing. Definitely brought the crazy out in all of us, in a good way! Made me laugh constantly, and felt like he was one of the girls sometimes.”

“Mike is like no one i’ve ever met, his raw authenticity, honesty, joy and killer stank face when dancing is like no other. He made this trip so so enjoyable by just being himself. Not only is he knowledgeable about Indonesia, but also about life itself which makes him the perfect chatting buddy. He brings light to every room he enters and made this trip an absolute blast.”

“Mike is a really great guy with a great sense of humour. He is super well rounded and supportive, and has a great outlook on the world. You can genuinely tell that he cares about his members. By remembering the little things, or checking in on members he’s doing a great job of making sure everyone’s trip is the best it can be!”

mike green 4

“Mike was amazing, always making everybody laugh and his respect for the culture was phenomenal, it was nice that he’d pick up on little things that would be considered disrespectful when I would’ve had no idea and now I know not to do it in the future. Really love Mike’s caring and attentive attitude. Could not have picked better group leaders for this trip.”

“Mike is very good at bringing up the energy of a group. He ensures that everybody feels included, and that everybody is having a great time. He also has an innate sense of when somebody might need a little bit of extra emotional support, and is very willing to provide it, which is a very important skill to have on a trip like this.”

From the whole FnEZ fam, thank you Mike for being an epic leader, friend, and all around human being! 

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