Employee of the Month: Stella Pritchard

Ms June goes to the one and only Stella Pritchard!

EOTM Stella Pritchard

Stella is one of our newer leaders, but she’s already made her mark on her fellow leaders and group members, “Her first season leading she crushed out all countries in Latin America. Stella’s a champ and I’m glad she’s on my side.” 

We knew from the moment we met her that we had to hire her, “We knew day one on the Peru trip in September last year that she had the potential and we needed to get her on board.”

Like every great trip leader, Stella can party with the best of them and get right back down to work the next morning like nobody’s business. And the best part is, she even has her own alter ego “She might be little but she sure is mighty! She can put ’em back all night and absolutely loves dancing on top of bars and tables first chance she gets. After a few Stella takes a back seat and her alter-ego, Stallone, comes out!!”

Have you ever wondered if mermaids exist? Well… Stella just may be one, “She is an Advanced Diver and is like a squid under the water, which is also her favourite animal! She hardly needs to breathe under there. She only uses half a tank when everyone else needs a full tank… needless to say she’s a mermaid (half maid half squid).”


Stella also manages to love everything, and be great at some of the most important things, “Stella has the ability to become everyone’s best friend immediately. She’s also an amateur tattoo artist. So far everything she does becomes her new favourite thing and she’s really really good at making sushi.” And we can’t forget about her epic card game skills, “Stella has wisdom past her years and is a ruthless monopoly deal player and the second best crib player in Peru 😉.”

And have you ever known someone who loves their pet so much they have regular video calls with them? “She’s an animal lover to the point where she’s tried to bring animals along on our trips. But her favourite is Kevin, her pet cat who she Skype’s at least once a week.”

Her co-leaders love working with her, “Leading comes easily to her and she is slowly becoming a great friend and even greater leading partner. Stella won’t back down from a challenge and if she sees a wall she usually try’s to climb it – metaphorically and literally.”


But the absolute love for Stella doesn’t end there. Take a look at what some of her group members have had to say:

You can say anything to this girl and she’ll always respond with a hilarious, friendly, or informative response. So open minded, I felt like she was a very close friend after only a few days with her.”

“From the moment she introduced herself I knew she was the most warm, inviting interesting and amazing person. So glad I got to spend so much time getting to know her.”

“Stella blew this out of the water!! From the first meeting and all the way through the trip, she was super friendly and I felt I could talk to her about anything with total honestly. I could tell she really appreciated honest feedback and really just wants to improve and be the best leader she can be. Which is amazing already by the way.”


“Stella’s friendliness and approachability were evident from the very first moment of our trip. Her dedication to ensuring everyone had a an enjoyable time and felt comfortable was unwavering. Stella’s ability to form genuine and trusting relationships in such a short period of time is one of her greatest strengths.”

“Stella was so good about ensuring that everyone felt welcomed and that they got the trip they signed up for. If that meant taking a 20 minute nap to go out with a small group, she did it. Never showed any signs of frustration. She was ON!”

Thank you, Stella, for being ON, for being your hilarious self, and for embodying everything a great Free & Easy leader is!

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