Expecting the Unexpected in Greece

Travel is inherently unpredictable. While you can try your best to plan every step of your journey, there will always be unexpected hiccups. On Free & Easy’s 20­-day Greece adventure, ancient acropolises, beautiful beaches, and gigantic gyros are all a guarantee. It’s likely, however, that you’ll also encounter some surprising situations. Fortunately, your trip leaders and travel mates will always be there to help you handle them in true Free & Easy fashion. The following scenarios will provide you with some tips on dealing with unforeseen obstacles that may arise during your trip through Greece.


Scenario 1: Your ATV adventure is rained out.

You’re driving an ATV through the hills of Santorini, following a convoy of your fellow travellers. You visit an old lighthouse perched on a rocky cliffside, grabbing some fresh fruit from a nearby vendor. You speed down a dusty road and end up on the edge of an untouched beach; time for some group photos. As you make your way to Firá, however, the sun retreats behind the clouds, and raindrops begin tapping on your helmet. “What’s the deal?” you say to yourself, “I thought it never rained in Greece!”

Solution: Stop for lunch!

Well, sometimes it does rain in Greece. But you are luckily never too far from a cozy restaurant to duck into. You park your vehicles at the nearest family-run establishment and head on in. You order tzatziki and (a lot of) pita for the table, as always. For your main course, maybe something you haven’t tried before; how about the seafood moussaka? And to drink – homemade hot cocoa sounds perfect for combatting the cool rain. Besides, you have to skip your usual lunchtime glass of wine since you’re about to hit the road again.


Scenario 2: Your hike is interrupted by a herd of goats 🐐🐐🐐🐐.

You leave Plakias early in the morning and begin a long hike up the lush mountainside. You scale huge boulders, your friends close behind you in case you need a boost. You wade through cold river waters – a nice break from the summer heat. Finally, you reach a plateau, turning around and gazing upon the beautiful landscape that leads to the bright blue Mediterranean. After a well­ deserved rest, you begin making your way back down the mountain, this time using a more leisurely route. You turn a corner and – oh no! – the trail is blocked by a pen full of goats! There doesn’t appear to be a path around it, and you’re sure as heck not going back the way you came. You and the goats stare at each other with mutual feelings of unease.

Solution: Wait for help from the locals!

After unsuccessfully searching for detours, you suddenly hear the yells of two Greek men. They round the corner, running towards you. Surely they’ve come to help you!


Scenario 3: They haven’t come to help you.

Alright, so it turns out these locals are more interested in the goats’ wellbeing than yours. It seems they want you to get away from their property.

Solution: Make your own detour!

No worries! You and your trip-­mates can figure this out on your own, right? The bushes beside the goat pen don’t look too dense. You begin to carefully step through the foliage. Ouch. There are a lot more thorns than expected. But you persist. You eventually make your way out of the shrubbery and around the goat pen, a clear road ahead of you. And the only consequences are some battle scars on your legs and a slight disdain for goats in your heart.


Scenario 4: There’s a ferry strike.

After four fun­-filled days on Crete, you have a ferry ticket in hand and are ready to ship out to Ios tomorrow morning. Taking a ferry is the easiest way to move around the Greek islands; you can hop between many destinations in just an hour or two. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, the dockworkers have decided to go on strike this weekend. For the next two days, you’re literally stranded on an island!

Solution: Sangria boat cruise!

Your trip leaders are no amateurs. They’ve dealt with this before. And they know the best way to remedy the situation: a sangria boat cruise! Your group walks down the road to the mini mart and picks up the necessary supplies: wine, soda, fruit, and the biggest jug you can find (15 litres should do it). Down at the beach, there’s already a boat waiting for you. You climb aboard, and the sangria starts flowing. You’re feeling particularly cheery, so even the other tourists onboard get a cup. You look across the water and see Crete from a brand new perspective. Maybe being stuck on this island isn’t such a bad thing.

Scenario 5: You have plumbing problems 💩 .

Quickly after your arrival, you learn a very important fact about life in Greece: their toilets aren’t exactly as robust as the toilets back home. Greek plumbing can’t really handle stuff like, well, toilet paper. You immediately realize why all of the toilets have those little garbage cans beside them. It’s not pretty at first, but you slowly become accustomed to your new bathroom routine. You feel like you’re in control. Until today. Something’s gone wrong. You flush the toilet… and nothing happens. You freeze. Your heart begins racing. Your roommate knocks on the door, asking if you’re alright. What do you do?!

Solution: Sorry…

There’s only so much help I can give you. Some things you just have to figure out on your own!

These are just a few of the challenges you may encounter on a Greek adventure. They might seem intimidating at first, but when you’re surrounded by a dozen new TFFs, you’ll find that you can confidently handle them with ease. Plus, if all else fails, you can always just grab a gyro and head to the beach. So book your adventure to Greece and see what the hype is all about at www.fnez.com!

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