February Employee of the Month: Dom Faint

This big hearted, big smiled, big eyed beauty is our Employee of the Month for February: Dom Faint!


Mr February (or Donnie Paint thanks to a spelling error at a hockey tournament when he was a kid) is from Calgary, AB, Canada. He grew up loving hockey, motorbikes, and adventure. His loving family brought him up to be the amazing man he is today, and his family values are a constant theme in his life. Dom is an amazing brother, son, and uncle. If you really want to see his face light up with a sparkle in his eye, ask about his family.


Dom is always down to try something new, even if it is out of his comfort zone (like his leading partner’s vegan food), and he’s going to take you along for the ride! He does everything with an open heart. He’ll draw you right in until suddenly you’re bungee jumping or eating durian. He’s a great listener, and always tries to relate to everyone. All of his friends know he has a great shoulder to lean/cry/laugh on.


Dom may look a bit tough on the outside, especially when sitting on his badass bike, but he is one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. His passion for leading lies not only in the countries he adventures in, but in really getting to know his travelers, his contacts, and the locals. Don’t let us have all the fun, check out what his trip members have said about him:

“Dom was definitely one of the reasons you couldn’t have a single bad day on this trip. He was very caring and always wanted to ensure each and every group member was feeling ok and having a great time.”

“Dom went above and beyond so often, he just made me feel so comfortable and included the whole time. He also would give amazing suggestions on hikes, places to eat and things to do and see… and he’d do them with you.”

“He helped me become friends with the locals there and I don’t think I’ve had a better night in my life.”

“He’d definitely drop everything and help out other group members whenever they needed him for anything!”

“Dom would listen to what we wanted to do and if it wasn’t on the itinerary, or wasn’t something FnEZ has done before, he would look it up and make it happen.”


Dom is always down for a good hike (as long as he brings an extra pair of socks), a wicked drift car race, and a beer with the bros. Looking for a good time with a great guy? Get on a trip with Dom! 


So if you ever see Dom on the road, bring him some beef jerky, ask him for an impression of the munchkins from Wizard of Oz, and get a big ol’ hug. You won’t be disappointed.


Dom is currently living it up in the Land of Smiles and will be leading our infamous LTC (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia) and Southern Thailand trips throughout the Summer months! Come live it up with Mr February!

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