February Employee of the Month: Dom Faint

With a dry sense of humour that comes out of nowhere and is always sure to crack you up, we are excited to announce this loveable and huggable human – Dom Faint, as our February Employee of the Month!

EOTM Feb Dom Faint-1

If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, this guy is great at telling stories in the best way possible, with each line being funnier than the last. He’s also great at farting and burping… if you’re someone who thinks that’s funny.

Some of the funniest memories I have with him are just sitting after a few beers trying to go to sleep and him rambling about all the funny things we did in a day.”


What’s Dom’s favourite thing in the world? “His favourite dance move or any move is to stroke his beard, it’s his prized possession. He loves his beard, he will get up in the morning brush his beard then go back to sleep.”

Despite the fact that he can be a bit of a shy guy, he’s great at getting people to open up and get out of their comfort zones, “His banter is unlike any other, and is sure to break anyone out of their shell or to help them feel like they can be themselves.” And he also gives really great hugs… “they are just really really moist usually.”


Although he’s always sure to get a laugh out of you, he’s also one of the most respectful people, “All the locals seemed to be very fond of Dominic and he got along great with them all it was cool to see people from completely different cultures show so much respect for each other.”

We know Dom is an epic leader, which is part of the reason he has come out of “retirement” multiple times to come back and lead with us over and over again!

dom faint

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of his group member’s have to say about him:

“He was really approachable with his silly personality. While being silly though you could see he was very protective over the group and was always looking out for everyone.”

“Being able to have really meaningful conversations that changed my perspective on life. His ability to make people laugh in any situation.”


“Stay you! You have a personality that makes others feel like they’ve known you forever.”

“Dom always made sure each of us were happy and excited for whatever we were doing. He helped
in allowing a group of strangers become best friends in less than 48 hours. He always made us
laugh and made sure everyone felt included.”

Thanks for being you Dom, don’t ever change!

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