February Employee of the Month: Evan Gailey

Congratulations Evan! You are Free & Easy Traveler’s Employee of the Month! Evan has been crushing trips with us since 2011 and began leading them for us in 2015. We’ve been so lucky to have him along for the ride and so have our travelers! Read on to learn why we love Mr. February and everything he has to offer!


Evan began his leading career in Peru, before we shuffled him over to Southeast Asia where his extremely personable demeanor, his taste for adventure, and extravagant wardrobe were a welcome asset to our Thailand trips.

Evan’s love of the people, the places, and the trips are apparent every time you’re lucky enough to travel with him through this amazing and ancient country.


Evan’s leading partners were beyond thrilled to hear that he would be Mr. February! Here’s what they had to say:

“He is one of the most fun dancing pirates I have ever seen. He could be dancing in tights with a pirate hat or a mop on his head and always has the biggest smile.

“Ev deserves this because of his awesome big heart for all the travelers and his love for the country and all the places. Being on a trip with him you are sure to feel all the love! He also gives great hugs.”

“He’ll happily be the first one in his tights or a tutu and a pirate hat lighting up the dance floor and likely the last one out.”

“He’s got a contagious laugh and gives great hugs.”

“Evan is just one of those guys that you can sit down and talk about anything with and you know you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face. He’s all around good shit.”

“Proud of the big ol’ hairy guy!”


Noticing some common themes? Us too. A couple of other things they can all agree on: he is the king of the slippery salmon, he loves a good bet, he loves a good DTO,  and he’s one of those all-around amazing people that you can’t help having a good time with.

Hot tip: If you ever get to lead with him, watch out for his sleep-talking! And if you want to make Evan’s day out on the road, ask him to go for a frisbee toss! He’s basically a pro and it’s one of his favourite past times on the beaches!


So come see Evan out in Thailand! We have 10-, 20-, and 40-day options. He is always making sure everyone is having a great time. He’s responsible, but fun. He’s always down to try something new, and he loves making sure others try it with him! Just take a look at what his past travelers have had to say:

“Evan is truly very very good at his job 🙂 I’m glad to have met him and he taught me sooo much about humankind, life, and Thailand!”

“Evan was the perfect mix of fun and a leader role. He knew when to have a good time and head out on the dance floor, but I always felt is something were to go wrong he was responsible and would be able to help in an instant.”

“Evan always made sure everyone was included in all activities but also pushed me to jump out of my comfort zone in a positive way.”


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