FnEZ Mexico – Way better than any Resort

I don’t think there’s a person in the world right now that can’t wait to take a vacation, its just been that kind of year. As borders are opening up and restrictions are loosening, the thought of jumping on a plan to explore some place exotic is enough to make the body tingle in excitement! Mexico has for a long time been that destination that attracts beachgoers and travellers alike, mainly because of all the beautiful, easy living’ resorts that expand across the coastlines. We’re here though to tell you that there’s more to Mexico than just swim up bars and beach lounging. It is an incredible country to explore with tantalizing experiences, mouth watering local dishes and to travel Mexico with a close group of newly united travel mates is the best way to experience it!

Freedom: We get it! Lounging by the pool, swimming up to get a drink and not even having to leave to go to the bathroom does feel like freedom, but is that truly the real Mexico Experience? Or is freedom for you more like hiking to enchanted waterfalls, exploring ancient ruins and waking up to a new destination every few days? For us, freedom is that feeling when your heart speeds up and time slows down, where you can take in your surroundings and truly appreciate the culture and environment around you. Mexico has so much to offer and experience, why not explore the country rather than be gated in it!

Food: This is really where the benefits of traveling Mexico comes into play! The FOOD! Especially when you compare it to the standard resort food, whether you are a 3 star goer or a 5 star goer, there are so many traditional local Mexican dishes to be tried out there. You can’t beat the food being created in a small local restaurant from local ingredients, vs the food being created in a large commercial kitchen with ingredients from who knows where, you just CAN’T! You’ll have just as many pictures of all the amazing food you tried throughout travel experience as you do beautiful beaches!

Experiences: Without question, you’ll experience more of Mexico by visiting multiple destinations within the country, visit more beaches, waterfalls, jungles and life in general than you would staying at a resort. Experiencing the history, the culture and wildlife within a 4 walled resort is pretty difficult. From exploring museums, cafe’s, Aztec Temples, trying out some surfing – these experiences are the ones that stay with you for life, that will birth travel stories for years to come, not to mention all of the new amazing people you met to share them with.

The Backpacker Bond: Speaking of having people to share your experiences with, our groups are comprised of 20 or so other travellers, just like you! Travelling with like minded individuals is completely different from the relationships you make while at a resort. These solid, genuine friendships are created by sharing daily travel experiences that only makes the bonds grow stronger, which is why so many people who have done our trips continue to do them alongside friends that they have met on trips. Travelling with a group of people you just met in Mexico quickly becomes a travel group of friends, a bond stronger than any tequila you can find!

We can’t be more excited to make Mexico one of our destinations and to share all of the amazing parts of this incredible country that we have discovered with you! Next time you are thinking about travelling, and comparing the resort life or the FnEZ life, remember this one thing – it’s never about the destination, it’s the experiences you have and the people that you meet along the way that create those forever memories.

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