FnEZ’s Payment Plans Explained

Let’s face it – not many of us can suddenly decide to (and pay for) travel for 10 days, let alone 40+ days.  Dropping that much coin all at once breaks the bank, and breaks it good!  You have flights to pay for, the trip itself, and of course a bit of spending money – it starts to add up.  BUT, if travel is something that you just have to do (and it is something WE ALL should do at some point in our young lives) there are always ways to make it happen.



If you’ve had your eyes on a trip for a while, maybe you click through the trip from time to time, studying it, dreaming about it and even picturing yourself in these beautiful destinations, but fall short of booking it because you’re unsure if you can pay for it all at once – I’ve got one word for you ‘PAYMENT PLAN”  …. OK two words…

All of our trips have interest-free payment plans associated with them.  They are designed in a way that makes it easier for Travel Dreamers to register for their Dream Trip and pay for it over time, rather than all at once (without paying any extra fees)!  The payment plans that we put forth generally start 6 months before the trip starts, making it easy just to put down a monthly payment that will enable you to have the trip paid in full 60 days before the trip starts…..our average plans for a 20 days trip look something like this:

Due at time of booking – $200 deposit
Payment 2: 5 months before departure:  $500
Payment 3: 4 months before departure $500
Payment 4:  3 months before departure $500
Payment 5: 60 days before trip start date – full balance paid

Easy-peasy right!?

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It’s just as easy to sign up for a trip a year or more away. Just register for any trip (no matter how far in advance) pay your $200 Lifetime Deposit (See our Lifetime Deposit Blog for more info).  Not only does this allow you to confirm your spot at that awesome price, you have now opened a trip account where you can create your own flexible payment plan and make payments towards as often as you like, and in any amount you like.

For example, our 10-day Thailand Trip: Taste of Paradise, is $920 (USD)*- if you can throw $50 from every paycheque into your trip account, in 9 months the trip is totally paid off – You’re going to Thailand!

*See our site for prices in CAD, AUD, EUR, and GBP.


Turn your 100% interest in travel into an actual trip with a 0% Interest Payment Plan!

No, no you aren’t going to be charged for your ‘interest’ in travel – our payment plans are 100% interest-FREE… so sign up for a trip in advance – the price you see is the price you are going to pay (no extra added fees, hidden costs, or fine print) no matter how long it takes you to pay it off.  All we ask is that your trip is paid in full 60 days before departure.

Travel Awaits!

All we want to do is make travel real and possible for everyone. With affordable backpacking trips, easy and flexible payment plans, traveling with Free and Easy has never been easier.  So go ahead, start planning your dreams, create your ultimate adventure using our online Trip Planner, and we’ll see you in paradise!

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