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Not every person likes their pizza pie the same.  When it comes to ordering a delicious hot pizza from our favourite restaurant, we customize the toppings to include that pepperoni or green peppers because we know what we like and what we want.  But can you order up your next Free & Easy trip the same way?  Yes, yes you can!

Introducing Free & Easy Custom Trips:

We get it, group travel is not for everyone. Sometimes we want to travel just with our significant other, maybe you want to travel with your kids, plan a special honeymoon/stag or just want your own travel schedule but still want everything taken care of for you so you can focus on the experiencing. Free & Easy has been running group trips for 20 years and have gained so much experience and expertise in the destinations we travel, that we have decided to offer our services beyond that of group travel!

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What does custom mean:

It means you can personalize every aspect of your trip, from choosing the destination, the comforts of your accommodation, style of transportation right down to the activities on your trip.  Unsure of where you want to go, stay or what to do?  No worries!  You have a Free & Easy concierge that can make recommendations and plan all the things you want planned, leaving you with the exact trip you want!

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How does it work:

To make sure we have all the information needed to personalize this epic journey for you, just fill out this survey.  This will help narrow down the type of trip you are looking for and how we can best cater to your travel needs.  Shortly after, we’ll reach out to you if there are any additional questions we have and from there we’ll set up a personal meeting with you to go over some options.  We’re not happy until you are happy with every aspect of your trip – the trip that’s dreamt by you – created by Free & Easy!


Why Do a Custom trip when I can just plan my own trip:

We’ve been there and done that! Planning your own trip can be a lot of work, especially with travel restrictions, border control and other rules due to Covid-19.  We do the leg work to ensure you are all set up and have all the things required to enter the country.  We also have 20 years experience planning trips, and have personally explored all of our recommended destinations. With this, you’re able to discuss your trip with real experienced travel experts, making sure that you are getting the EXACT trip experience you’re looking for.  From booking the different trip locations, style of accommodations, type of transport and activities – you have the recipe for the perfect trip in your mind and we have the ingredients!

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Remote Work Trips:

With so many of us stuck at home these days, and many of us working from home – wouldn’t it be nice just to get away to a new place and work alongside some other professionals by day then hang out and experience a new country with them by night?  Remote Work trips are the new thang!  All you need is a good online connection to complete some work assignments, then you’ll be making some amazing social connections with newly found work mates!

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If you are looking for Free & Easy Backpacker Trips (18-29) or Evolution Trips (25+), Custom trips, Yoga and Wellness Trips or Remote Work Trips – Free & Easy has it all!

See you on the Beach! 🏖️😎


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