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Fresh Start - Costa Rica New Years 2020

Posted by Free & Easy Family on Nov 2, 2020 9:10:00 AM

2020, what can be said that hasn't been said already?  It has been a crazy roller coaster and is surely going to be one year we'll be happy to say "goodbye" to.  For Free & Easy (and the rest of the travel industry), it would be an understatement to say that it's been a difficult year.  Some might say that a simple goodbye to 2020 wouldn't be enough, some might have some stronger words to express farewell. Whatever you wanna say, here at Free & Easy, we will be saying it from the beaches of Costa Rica!

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The Final Fiesta 2020

This is our 11th year of running a New Year's trip. For the first 10 years, it's been on the amazing beaches of Nicaragua. Due to the unavailability of flights to Nica (thanks COVID) it was a difficult but necessary decision to do 2020's Final Fiesta elsewhere. In comes Costa Rica! Nicaragua's southern neighbour has also been one of our favourite destinations for the past decade so we have loads of amazing ideas on how to design another perfect New Years Trip.  Check it out HERE



COVID-19 and Costa Rica

In recent news, Cost Rica announced that they would be removing the requirement of having a COVID-19 test to enter the country.  This makes things a little easier, as one of the biggest hurdles for travelling right now is obtaining a negative test within the time frame required to get the test, catch a flight and enter the country.  However, we at Free and Easy will still request (although not mandatory) group members obtain a negative test before departure.  This will rest our minds a little easier as we travel together in our small group.

Costa Rica's COVID-19 Entry Requirements & Regulations

Although Costa Rica is not requiring a test, they still have a few regulations that need to be adhered to.  Things like wearing a mask while indoors in public areas (luckily we don't spend much time indoors at all!) as well as face coverings required while using public transport.  On our trip, we won't be using public transport, but we will still adhere to their regulations by recommending that travellers still wear a mask during our private transport. 
For more information regarding travel insurance requirements and other travel guidelines PLEASE READ

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Trip Itinerary

For 10 days you'll be basking in the Costa Rican sun, visiting 3 locations, each with laid-back, chillin' vibes, each giving way to unforgettable travel experiences. Whether you're looking for beaches and surf, or forests and exotic animals - this trip has it all.

Tamarindo: Of course we are kicking things off on the beach! Catch the sun's rays and those salty waves, enjoy just chilling or take advantage of the activities such as snorkelling, deep sea fishing or surfing.  Plus on our first day we will board the Catamaran booze cruise, as we enjoy bevvies, snacks, music and a beautiful Tamarindo sunset, included in the trip price!


Santa Teresa: 3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring out the best of 2021 by saying goodbye (or something) to 2020, in one of Costa's finest beach towns. Catch some surf, do some horseback riding, sunset SUP trip and take full advantage of the relaxing infinity pool with swim up bar.  Whatever you do, don't miss the sunset from this vantage point, you know that this will be where the party is at!


Monteverde: Relax as we road trip to this quaint town in the forest.  Take a ferry across Pavon Bay and head to the infamous Cloud Forest Mountains.  Check out some world renowned zip lining, rappel down a waterfall or take a tour of a coffee plantation.

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Alajuela: Enjoy the drive back to civilization as we cruise through the clouds.  We spend one night in Alajuela before flying out, but this town has loads to do to stay busy as well, including an adrenaline pumping bungee jump!


With so much going on these days, we all deserve to feel that sense of freedom that travel brings. Imagine bringing in 2021 partying on the Costa Rican coast, relaxing  with a cold drink in hand enjoying the fact that you are exactly where you want to be (and not stuck inside at home) - defining the meaning of ‘Pura Vida!’ 

If you have even more time on your hands and want to get away for 20 days, check out our 20-day New Years + Costa Rica South Trip HERE

Book now to reserve your spot, limited spaces available!

🏖️See you on the Beach🏖️

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