How to Prepare for the Adventure of a Lifetime

It’s dark and stormy outside and you’ve just landed in a foreign country at 3am. It’s your real first backpacking trip and you’re exhausted, you haven’t brushed your teeth since you left home and you know that funky smell isn’t coming from the guy who was snoring next you on the plane. You approach customs, get your visa sorted out and look around for what to do next… then you remember – “HEY, I booked this trip through Free & Easy Traveler, I know exactly what to do and where to go!”

That’s right! When you sign up for a Free & Easy trip, you are getting more than just the trip itself… you’re getting expert advice and information on how to best prepare for your trip. From what visa you need, to how to pack to what colour socks to bring. Here’s how you can expect us to look after you when you book your trip, before your trip start,s and when you arrive for your ADVENTURE!
sophie blaine-thailand
Photo by FnEZ trip member Sophie Blaine.

When you Book:

When you book your FnEZ trip, you’ll gain access to your very own trip account. Here, there is loads of information including account balances, how to extend your travels, and deals on backpacks. Most importantly, under the tab ‘Extra Info’ you’ll find your personal Free & Easy Preparation Guidebook. This e-book includes information on your trip destinations, packing lists, and some really cool facts regarding the country you’re visiting, like language lessons and cultural backgrounds. Remember as well, you’ll always have access to our award winning, good looking, customer service!  We’re always available whether you want to throw us an email, give us a ring, or chat it up with us on our online chat service. All this and you’ve only JUST booked your trip!
chris sherry-vietnam
Photo by FnEZ family member Chris Sherry.

30 Days before TAKE OFF!

Just as your excitement revs up, you receive an email from your trip leaders who are super excited to meet you! Now’s the time that they make sure you are all set for your adventure of a lifetime. Not only are they just introducing themselves to get to know you, they also have loads more information for you including your exact trip itinerary that you’ll be following on your trip, how to meet up with your group when you arrive (precise instructions with detailed information on what to do and where to go when you arrive that you can print and carry with you), AND you’ll also be invited to your group’s closed Facebook group! This way you can chat it up with other people in your group about who is going to bring the hair straightener or what onsie they should bring for the trip (these are actual discussions had). You still have 30 days to go at this point and there’s nothing left to do but count down the days!
Photo by FnEZ family member Kort.

ARRIVED! Let the EPIC Adventure Begin:

You’ll be greeted with smiley faces, some bearded, but none the less smiley! Your trip leaders will ensure you are checked into your rooms and are they are there so that your trip goes smoother then a freshly blended fruit smoothie (You’ll see what we mean). Need something? Anything?! Just ask, they’ll know where to get it.   Also within the first day or so your trip leaders will go over the details of your trip with the group, explaining the different cultural expectations, how to be respectful in this particular country, and just overall nip any concerns in the bud!
chelsea autor - philippines
Photo by FnEZ family member Chelsea Autor.
Well, that was Easy….FREE & EASY!  From the time that you book your trip to the time your trip starts and ends – We’re always there to make sure that you are prepared and ready for the adventures ahead. So go ahead, pick a trip, ANY TRIP! Let us take away the worry and the planning so YOU can focus on the EXPERIENCING!

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