How to Spot a Traveler

It’s an acquired skill of anyone who’s spent enough time on the road; picking a fellow nomad out of a crowd. You may catch a little sparkle in their eye as they see the world through their well-traveled set of rose-coloured glasses, or you sense a cultured quality about them that you just can’t quite pinpoint. It’s tangible and intangible, all at once.


Us travelers have an unspoken connection. You may find magnetic eye contact with someone across the room, leading to that little side smile which you reserve for only a special type of person. You don’t need to know each other; you don’t need words; you don’t need to know why this smile appeared on your face. All you can tell is that they’ve left the comforts of home soil to cross borders, live simply, better themselves and open their minds.


Often, we find ourselves immediately drawn to someone and we don’t know why. Someone wearing an alpaca sweater like the one that you bought in Peru. Someone who looks like they just got off the plane from a few months on the road. Someone who seems vibrant and at ease. An unrelenting traveler is a unique being who gives off an energy that vibes in perfect harmony with you, no matter where in the world you cross paths. Remember that guy you saw in your local cafe with the San Juan Surf shirt? The one who walked in with a reusable mug and a sunny disposition? You just knew it. Two seconds later, you shared that little side smile. No words. Just an understanding.


So, next time you notice yourself being pulled into someone’s orbit for reasons you can’t quite figure out, remember that some connections come from a place deeper than we can grasp. Go about your day with a smile on your face and know that people can see your spark, too.

The best way to spot a traveler? BE a traveler! Strap on your wanderlusting boots, book the trip of a lifetime, and make some honest, raw human connections!

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