How to Start Saving Today For the Trip of a Lifetime

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “ya, I’d love to travel, if only I had the money”, I could travel for the rest of my life. The reality is, yes, traveling is expensive. But it’s not as inaccessible as it seems initially. By implementing some small life changes, you’ll find yourself living it up on the beaches much sooner than you ever thought possible. Below are some suggestions for making your travel dreams a reality (without breaking the bank!).


1. Cut out Frivolous Purchases:

That $6 cup of coffee you’re having every morning is seriously impeding your ability to make your dreams a reality. I get it. I love coffee too, maybe even more than I love travel (ok, that’s not true), but that $6 a day adds up to over $1500 a year (that’s not including weekends, if you do buy coffee on the weekends it’s over $2000); that’s a round trip flight from Canada to Thailand, just for brewing your own coffee for a year! Not a coffee drinker? Follow the same logic by downgrading your phone plan (do you really need all that data?), or cable package, or by taking your own lunch to work/school instead of buying it (this also saves thousands a year). We buy so many things we don’t need, and by cutting this out, you’ll have enough money for an adventure in no time!

2. Set up an ASP:

Many banks today have automatic savings plans that divert money every week/month to help you save for a specific goal. Even $50 bi-weekly, which you’ll hardly notice missing from your paycheques, will have you on the next Free & Easy Final Fiesta in Nicaragua without changing your day to day lifestyle at all!

3. Sell your stuff:

Easier and more legal than selling yourself. We’ve all got way too much stuff, and a lot of it would fetch a few bucks that could help pay for that next plane ticket. Local swap and buy groups on Facebook are often the quickest way to a sale, as they’re more “in your face” than Kijiji or Craigslist. Collect all the stuff that you don’t need, price it cheap, and go get yourself that ticket to paradise! As a bonus, you’ve de-cluttered your life. Congratulations on embracing the minimalist lifestyle.


4. Divert those gifts:

Not everyone feels comfortable asking for cash for birthdays/Christmas/Hanukkah/Valentines Day/Graduation, and not everyone feels comfortable giving it. But if you’ve got a specific goal in mind (ie: a plane ticket or a 20-day trip to Indonesia), asking in advance for gifts that help you toward that goal can be crucial in offsetting those costs. You might not need another sweater, so when Granny asks what you want for your birthday, show her the trip you’re saving for, and maybe she’ll get on board and give you a few bucks!

5. Payment Plans:

Not everyone has a spare 3 grand sitting around under their mattresses. Fortunately, companies like Free & Easy Traveler offer convenient payment plans which let you break up paying for your adventure into much more manageable installments. Bonus, the further in advance you take the plunge and commit to your epic journey, the smaller you can make the payments, making everything even easier and more manageable.

While these tips might not pay for your trip outright, hopefully this has helped you realize just how attainable traveling can be. By changing your outlook and spending habits just a little, you’ll be putting yourself on track to take a life altering journey sooner than you ever thought possible!

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