Introducing Free & Easy’s Evolution! Trips for 25+

We have been travelling for millions of years, from the first apes who came down from the trees to explore the jungle floor, to the very first international flights, travel and the way we travel is ever evolving – and Free & Easy is no different!  From leading backpacker style trips for 18-29 year olds, we’re proud to introduce  Free & Easy Evolution, trips for people who are 25 and older!

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It’s been 20 years since we ran our first group trip to Greece in 2001.  That makes it 20 years of running adventure style backpacker trips to amazing destinations around the world.

Just think of all of the unforgettable cultures discovered, beautiful beaches explored, and most importantly, thousands of personal connections made among our many travellers and leaders.

As we look back at our travel memories (the ones that we can remember ;)), we also look to our future to see a way to continue to provide life-changing adventures but for a different demographic. Over time, we have found our own travel style has changed slightly, from the budget backpacker style of travel to the pursuit of travel with a some extra comforts. You might even say that we have been evolving!


So what is Free & Easy Evolution?

This new style of trip will provide a refreshing and engaging travel experience, with chilled out vibes, flexible schedules, and  epic activities. All the while leaving time for you to explore on your own, in classic Free & Easy fashion!

We’ll travel to beautiful destinations, stay in cushy accommodations, and travel in style. If you are coming out of your 20s and feel that you’re looking for more than a basic backpacking trip, then this is the trip for you!

There will be more opportunities to meet like-minded travellers who are at similar stages in life, who are also looking to be active, have some fun nights out, and want to make the most out of their trip! As always, you can expect less worrying, less planning, and more experiencing.

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Why 25+?

In search for a real travel experience, the options available for 25-45-year-olds are few and far between. Our 25+ trips are going to take that same FnEZ vibe, but gear it more to those who are looking beyond the traditional party backpacking experience.

We’ll be staying in more comfortable places, with nicer views, more style, and a bit of class – a step above the budget backpacker lifestyle!  2 people maximum per room or cabin, so it can be ideal for couples, but also friends travelling, or solo travellers.  Group sizes will be 15-18 people – max!


Trip Leaders:

One of the best things about Free & Easy trips is the people you meet, and some of the best people you’ll meet on your trip include your FnEZ Trip Leaders! Their knowledge about the destinations, where to find the best food, their organizational skills, chill vibes, and their ability to make it a personal experience within a group trip is what takes our adventures to the next level.


Backpacking vs all-inclusive resorts:

We’ve all likely experienced an all-inclusive resort. We had a blast, for about 2-days, then after that it kind of starts to feel like home but with the ocean nearby and a swim-up bar.

Backpacking allows you to actually experience the culture and see what a country is really like, as you move from destination to destination. Why spend one week in a pool with mediocre food, when you can experience 3 or more different locations, amazing local food, incredible activities alongside some of the best people you could ever meet!


Let’s be real about your next trip. Free & Easy Evolution for 25+. Real Travel, Real People, Real Experiences.

Check out our Trip Calendar for all our 25+ Evolution Trip Dates

If you are looking for Free & Easy Backpacker Trips (18-29) or Evolution Trips (25+), Custom trips or Beach House Surf and Yoga Retreats – Free & Easy has it all!

See you on the Beach! 🏖️😎


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