January Employee of the Month: Cody Webber

This light-hearted, playful guy has won the hearts of many over the years, including all of his co-workers. We couldn’t be more proud to offer January’s Employee of the Month to long time Trip Leader: Cody Webber.


Cody started his adventure with Free and Easy when he won an Indonesia trip giveaway while on our annual Ski Trip. He brought his sister Amy (his lifelong partner in crime) along for the ride and they were both hooked. In April 2014, they both started leading for us. Pretty crazy that a weekend trip to the mountains changed his life into what he does today.


Cody, the first person in a costume (even if it’s not a costume party), is also the first on the dance floor and the last to leave. Bending and flowing with his body, Cody’s dance moves are unpredictable and beautiful. He is known for his freedom to move about without self judgement, opening a safe place for others to let their own ridiculousness out. Trust us: you want to be at a party with this guy. Cody can find joy and happiness in the most obscure monents. His happiness is contagious!


Often more bird noises than words, Cody has an excellent balance of being quirky and outrageous, and knowing when someone needs a good old fashioned heart to heart. Cody’s long-limbed hugs and kid-like joy remind you not to take life so seriously and he makes the days just ease by. Just ask his past group members:

“He made me feel incredibly special and I was fortunate to be around such a kind hearted and amazing person!”
“Cody wears his heart on his sleeve which is something I madly respect and admire. He is someone you can immediately feel comfortable and safe around. The guy has a kind approach and you’ve definitely got a sweetheart on your hands!”
“Cody’s passion for FnEZ and enthusiasm for growth is very inspiring. Throughout the trip he had tons of energy and it was obvious how much it rubbed off on the group. Great times all around.”


He’s also got an amazing respect for locals, no matter the country he’s in. Cody’s curiosity and  knowledge go hand in hand. He has immersed himself in different cultures, making local friends all over the world, allowing him to show things to his travelers they may have otherwise missed. It leaks out in his photography, as well. Look for him this year with his new camera equipment! Cody is chasing his other dream, photography, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what his creativity and unique look on life will create.


Cody is currently leading an unreal Thailand 20-day (Check him out on our Snapchat: @insidefnez) and he’ll be off to Indonesia for a couple 10-day trips (… there is still room to join him).

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