January Employee of the Month: Dusty Anderson

You may know him as Dustin, Duster, Dusty “The Ceiling Can’t Hold Him” Anderson, or just Dusty, but around here he’ll be Mr January! Congratulations Dusty, you’re the January Employee of the Month! It seems very obvious to everyone around here why you’re getting this, but we’ll explain for those of you who may not know:


Dusty started leading for FnEZ in 2012, after doing a couple of trips with us, and falling in love with the people, the places, and the style of travel that is uniquely FnEZ. After crushing it on the beaches in Southeast Asia, Dusty became the Indonesia Manager in 2013 and took over the operations in this beautiful, diverse country. Later on, in 2014, he started working in the office, and he’s been an invaluable member of the HQ Staff ever since.


His position at the office includes roles in customer service, sales, and the finance department, but he is best known by most people as The Flight Department. Dusty is in charge of our international flight bookings, as well as a number of our domestic flights. It’s a job that requires excellent organization and professionalism, and Dusty always hits the mark! (Did you know you can book flights with us for your next FnEZ Adventure? It includes airport transfers at the start and end of your trip, and your leaders will pick you up at the airport, even if your flight is delayed! And you know you’ll be well taken care of with Dusty at the reigns!)


We’ve all come to depend on Dusty, thanks to his amazing work ethic, willingness to learn, and efficiency. Without people like Dusty keeping the paperwork in check, our trips wouldn’t be able to run in the smooth, professional way that they do. His passion for travel really comes out in his work at the office, ensuring everyone will have a pleasant experience on their trip from start to finish.


But Dusty isn’t all work and no play! If you’ve ever partied with Dusty, you know what we mean. You’ll find him at the party, trying out a new ginger beer, laughing at his own (hilarious) jokes, and if you stay up late enough you’ll hear him pulling out some freestyle raps to an encouraging audience.


Besides hitting the buckets, Dusty’s downtime is filled with Flames games, visiting with old travel buddies, and planning adventures with Cody, his boyfriend and favourite travel companion! (In fact, it’s hard to find a travel photo of Dusty without Cody these days!)


Here’s what a few of his coworkers had to say about him:

“Is well loved by everyone who encounters him from our Indo contacts to our Canadian travel partners.”

“He’s a great bridge between the international and domestic side and has strong connections with both parts of the organization.”

“Also good at winning stuff.”

“He’s super chill to travel with and has a big heart!”

“Always stays up the latest to ensure we are aware of his freestyling abilities!”

“Not only can he count, but we sure can count on him to keep our books in order!”

Thank you Dusty for everything you do! If you’ve ever encountered Dusty’s fine Customer Service, leave a comment! If you haven’t, book a trip to anywhere we travel (Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, the Mediterranean, South Africa) and book your flights with us! Dusty will be right with you 😉

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