January Employee of the Month: Kyle Stephens

The very first Employee of the Month of 2019 is none other than the real-life energizer bunny himself – Kyle Stephens!

EOTM Jan Kyle Stephens

If you’ve met Kyle, then you know he’s a man of many names! This dude will answer to Carlos, Carlitos, Carlitros, and his very drunk alter ego name, Skippy.
A born leader, Kyle is always keen to help out in any way he can. Whether it’s helping a group member figure something out, or providing strangers with directions, Kyle’s the go to guy to get answers. 
A blog post about Kyle wouldn’t be complete without a mention of his EPIC dance moves, “the dude is a dancing legend. On many, many occasions he has spent well over an hour straight on top of the bar, out-dancing every challenger without fail. If they re-make Coyote Ugly without him as the lead I’d be very disappointed.”
He also gives the best lap dances (trust us on this one), “to go along with his dancing skills, he is superb at lap dances. I’ve been the lucky recipient of at least 3, however one of them involved him flying through the air and tackling me off my high chair, so that one might not count.”
Not afraid of a little adrenaline, “Kyle is a bungee master, he jumps off backwards! It’s actually very impressive.”
Kyle also has the utmost respect for the places he visits, the locals he meets, the animals, and the planet. He’s not afraid to add extra weight to his backpack (aka home), if it means carrying reusable items like a coffee mug, water bottle, and even cutlery! 
Check out what some of his past trip members have said:
Kyle is SO friendly and approachable and helpful. Honestly can’t say enough good things about this guy. He remembers everything you tell him, is always thinking ahead, honestly, Kyle fucking rocks.”
“So friendly and easy to talk to! I watched him have such a connection with each member of the trip. He could joke around or have a serious conversation with each and every one of us. He was so approachable whenever I needed anything and helped me out whenever I needed help.”
“Kyle is an incredibly positive person, who clearly thrives on the happiness and engagement of others.”
Kyle, your FnEZ family loves you, and we’re so happy to have your abundance of energy, good vibes, and epic skills on our team, “all in all, he’s funny, smart, genuine, energetic, positive, and aspirational. Oh, and he can sure handle his tequila!”

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