January Employee of the Month: Patrick Taclob

Hometown: Siargao Island, Philippines

Favourite Attributes: Pulling off pink and making people smile!

Languages: Filipino and English

Favourite Travel Destination: Australia, Maldives and Thailand

What countries have you traveled to? Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Spain, Italy, Australia, Amurrrka, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Why Do You Travel? To experience different smiles and sunsets 🙂 share ze love


For the first month of 2015 we’d like to feature one of the raddest members of our guiding team as Mr. January: Patrick Taclob! Born and raised in The Philippines, we met Patrick many years ago when we first started venturing into the beautiful island country on one of our favourite of those islands—the surfing mecca of Siargao. Patrick was, and still is, an amazing surfer and in the waves is just where we met our future guide. There is a general stigma that local surfers in the Philippines are not friendly and not keen to share their waves, but this couldn’t be further from the truth and Patrick is a true example of this—you won’t find more welcomeness or a bigger smile than from Patrick if you join him in the waves, and he’ll no doubt take some time to teach you a few things about the sport!


His incredible stoked-on-life attitude, his warm personality, and his love of sharing his country had us eager to partner with Patrick and after a year of organizing the logistics of our Philippines trips, it was clear that he would be the perfect fit as a guide for Free & Easy. Three years in and we couldn’t be happier about the state of our Philippines adventures and Patrick is a huge reason for that. So if you’re heading on one of our Philly trips then enjoy our amazing team out there and one of the greatest travel experiences of your life!


Follow along on his adventures on Instagram @patrickpatricious or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFnEZ.

“There were two of us that showed interest in playing basketball since on Malapascua it seemed everyone played. Pat dropped the activity he was going to do and joined us, finding the court that people were using in the labyrinth of Malapascua’s shanties by speaking with locals which neither of us would have been able to do, then played with us until we were all exhausted. That experience gave me a real connection with the locals, an adventure to remember, and a respect for Pat’s ability to show you that your wants were his needs. He was so much fun and funny and genuinely looked out for you and made you feel safe about the places you were in. It was perfect.” -Trip Member Jordan

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