July Employee of the Month: Amy Webber

Hometown: Frontier, Saskatchewan

Favourite Attributes: My uplifting positivity

Languages: English, Basic Thai

Favourite Travel Destination: Khao Sok – Smiley Lake House (Its beauty is something that words nor photos can describe. It’s something that needs to be experienced.)

What countries have you traveled to? U.S.A., Turks and Caicos, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, 

Why Do You Travel? Travel is everything. It’s freedom. Happiness. Expression. It’s Bliss. It’s having your heart and your head in the same spot at the same time and being a peace with it.

Travel is a place that I have learned to call home. It is a hello, a see you later, it’s washing your hair in the pouring rain, its staring out a window on every bus, train, plane and understanding something that is bigger than you. Travel is the life that I choose to live. Won’t you live it with me?


This month we’re stoked to be featuring our very own ray of FnEZ sunshine who’s been rocking out trips from Central America to Asia with the biggest smile and sickest dance moves around – Amy Webber! We first met Ms. July on a trip to Indonesia in 2013, and there was no doubt that we needed to share her Energizer Bunny-style zest for adventure with the rest of our travelers. Fascinated with the world around her, Amy travels the globe bringing light, happiness, and positivity to everyone she meets…yes, unicorns with rainbow tails really do exist!

We could brag all day about this super star, but we thought one of her most recent Vietnam travellers said it best “Amy went above and beyond every single day! She made me feel so included and always has such a great energy that makes you excited, not only the trip, but excited about LIFE! She opened my eyes to a lot of things, and for that I’m super thankful.” Currently finishing up her last trip of the season in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, we have no doubt that she’ll be brightening up the dance floor, pool parties, and the beach at #TheFinalFiesta in Nicaragua with that unforgettable smile! So when you’re down there be sure to say hi to Ms. July – she’s bound to blush, but you might just get a kiss on the cheek!


If you’ve been on a trip with Amy help her win TourRadar’s 2016 Guide of the Year by reviewing your trip with her as your guide –> http://www.tourradar.com/guide/amywebber-70

Also follow along on her adventures on Instagram @DownWithWebber or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ. 

“Amy was an amazing leader, she was born to lead. Her warm smile and bright positive attitude really put any traveller at ease! Amy had a special bond with every group member and made me personally feel so welcome and individually important. Not only was she informative but she took leading to the next level. I think every person on our trip considered Amy a best friend, and that’s going to last years down the road! I want to thank her for being so outstanding and making my trip the best one yet!” -Trip Member Chelsea

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