July Employee of the Month: Carrie Robinson

July’s employee of the month is Carrie Robinson!  This is actually her second time receiving the award (first time being Ms. April 2015) and this makes her the first ever two-time Employee of the Month winner! That means she’s a pretty special part of our team and we wanted to tell you all about her!


Like most of our staff, Carrie first started her journey with FnEZ as a traveler but quickly became a group leader in Southeast Asia. After a few years of leading in Thailand, Central America, and eventually the Mediterranean, the stars aligned, and she began to take on other positions within the company. Over the past few months, Carrie has become a crucial part of our operations both domestically and abroad with FnEZ.

She took on the challenge of managing our awesome Rep Program back in September, even though she knew full well that come Spring time, she was headed across the Atlantic to oversee our European trips as our Mediterranean Manager and Tour Leader.  April and July were busy for Carrie, she helped design our brand new Spain & Portugal trips, and then lead them and trained our new guides on these two outstanding 10-day trips. But that’s not all, Carrie was also leading and setting up our Greece trip and kept the party vibes going on our Yacht Week trip in Croatia for 10-days. All the while, Carrie made sure she never missed an email from those back at FnEZ’s HQ in Canada, answering all of her traveler’s questions, and always maintaining her positive and chill AF demeanor.


It’s easy for us to brag about one of our favourite staff members, but we thought it’s best that you hear it straight from the FnEZ travelers who’ve experienced her infectious spirit themselves. Here is a sample of some of her most recent reviews:

“Carrie is a strong leader. She is direct, honest, caring, and hilarious. Her humour made this trip so enjoyable.  This helped with group dynamic and positive vibes. This trip would not have been the same without her.”

 “Carrie was such an amazing leader who would always put the needs of the group members first. I really enjoyed how Carrie acts more like a friend than a leader.”

“Carrie is very much a ‘go with the flow’ type of leader and lets people do what they want. Carrie is a genuinely great person who is perfectly suited to guide trips like this. Easy going, partier, but takes the job seriously too!.”

Carrie’s reviews are always like this, and they have been for the entire four years that she’s been crushing trips!

FnEZ leaders know each other quite well after leading back-to-back trips together, sharing the same space and soaking up so many experiences together. So we decided to ask Carrie’s Mediterranean co-leader of 3 years, Evan Bachman, for some more fun facts on our “rock” in Europe.

 “Well her drunk alter ego is ‘Carried Away’ and to say the least when she gets Carried Away everyone wins! Especially when she wakes up still Carried Away the next morning. Her infectious laugh is even better the next morning.”

“Secondly, Carrie believes that food is all about the sauce…. as a vegan she believes that a dish tastes the same with or without meat… all because of the sauce. She is so passionate about this, that she keeps on pressuring me to get a matching tattoo with her for the past year that reads ‘La salsa es la vida’ which translates to “Sauce is Life!”

(At this year’s FnEZ Yacht Week Carrie had the “expression” tattooed on her leg in Croatian: “Umak je život “)

“Thirdly, Carrie claims to be a professional napper. She has a siesta nearly every afternoon and once tried coaching me by telling me to think about unicorns, and told me I’d drift into a peaceful sleep.”

Carrie consistently wears her heart-on-her-sleeve and is never afraid to let her true colours shine through. This free-spirited attitude inspires her travelers to adopt a similar style and to approach new experiences with an open mind. She never shies away from a challenge and loves helping people any way she can. If you are lucky enough to experience a FnEZ trip with Carrie you’ll learn that whether it’s finding the cheapest and best sangria in Spain, dropping facts at ancient ruins in Greece, or even helping you get rid of your hiccups (she calls it “hiccup whispering”), she’ll be there to ensure you have the BEST time on your adventure!

We are proud to honour the one known as “The Queen of the Mediterranean” for the month of July and thank her for a job incredibly well done!

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